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Dawson City Mortuary Records, 1898-1938


Source:  Mortuary records of J.A. Greene, Frank Lowe, Edwards and Winaut, and Alex Wark.

Name Description
SADDLEMEYER D. C.; 53 years old; New York; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; January 3, 1901; Dr. Sutherland; Methodist Church; Yukon Gov't and Odd Fellows
SAKATA Joseph, 54 years; Japan; pneumonia, St. Marys Hospital; May 12, 1920, Dr.Chipman; funeral at chapel; Musa Sakata; cook
SAMMOUS Elizabeth; 22 years 4 months 11 days old; Peritonitis; St. Mary's Hospital; December 6, 1906; Dr. Roberts; Shipped to Vancouver; Wife of Elmo L. Sammous
SAMUELSON Alex; 40 years old; Gunshot (suicide); Good Samaritan Hospital; July 11, 1905; Dr. Catto; Settlemier
SANGUINETTE John, 40 years; ?, 15 above Hunker; May 22, 1907, no certifying physician; funeral at church; public administrator; miner
SANGUINETTE John; Italy; #15 Hunker; May 22, 1907; Public Admin.
SANIA Oto; 38 years old; Japanese; Abscess of liver; Good Samaritan Hospital; August 18, 1901; Dr. MacDonald; Greene's
SATO B.; pneumonia, St.Mary's Hospital; February 22,1911, Dr.Thompson; funeral at chapel; Kawakami; labourer
SATO Baby, 50 days; not diagnosed, home 2nd Avenue; April 22, 1917, Dr.W.E. Thompson; funeral at chapel; Takajo Sato
SAUNDERS Edith Elizabeth; 27 years 1 month 17 days old; Heart disease; August 23, 1899
SAUNDERS Daniel, 51 years; Victoria, B.C.; slow paralysis, Rochester Hotel; April 21, 1928, Dr.Thompson; St.Paul's Church, Hillside Cemetery; Mrs. D. Saunders (wife); hotel keeper
SAVARD Louis, 81 years; Les Eccoumone, Quebec; St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.11, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; St. Mary's Hospital; road house keeper; article attached
SCHMIDT Albert, 70 years; Alsace Lorraine; St. Mary's Hospital; March 23, 1935, Dr.H.J.Nunn; St. Mary's Church; estate; gardener
SCHOCK Emil Wm. Julius; 49 years old; Bright's disease; St. Mary's Hospital; June 2, 1904; Greene's; Jos. P. Morgan
SCHOOLING Infant; Stillborn; May 27, 1902; Dr. Cassels
SCHROEDER Fred, 52 years; Milwaukee; ?, St.Marys Hospital; February 20, 1916, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at Catholic Chapel; brother wired money to Major Knight; teamster?
SCHULTZ F.H., 78 years; Germany; carcemona of stomach, St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.7, 1935, Dr.N. Stewart; Undertakers Parlor; miner
SCHURBOLM Henry, 53 years (from San Francisco); burned to death, Cliff road house (burned in road house small; part of Remons house); April 1, 1908, Reo Seomore; funeral at chapel; Mrs.Schurbolm (wife); butcher
SCOTT David; 35 years old; Pneumonia; #43 below Bonanza; February 24, 1901; Dr. Geo. W. Elliott; Greene's; Mr. Nesbit
SEABORNE Donald, 36 years; England; St. Mary's Hospital; May 17, 1937; St.Paul's Church, Public Cemetery; mechanic; resided Bear Creek
SEATON W.J., 69 years; bronchial pneumonia, Good Samaritan Hospital; April 18, 1908, Dr.Catts; no funeral; Y.T.; miner
SEDLEMIER Mike, 55 years; German; accidental shot, Sulphur Creek; September 13, 1919, Coroner Telford; funeral at Catholic Chapel; public; Road House keeper
SEGUIN Cora; 13 months old; 2nd Ave. near Edward Street; September 14, 1904; Dr. Thompson; St. Mary's Church; Child of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Seguin
SEMPLE Charles Michael, child; July 15, 1935; Dept. of Indian Affairs; son of Johnny Semple
SEMPLE Robert, 56 years; Sidney, Australia; cancer, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.11, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour; Yukon Gov't; miner
SENEI Louise, 59 years; Hungary; St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.2, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
SEOROPATA Steve, 41 years; Poland; ?, St.Marys Hopsital; July 16, 1925, Dr. LaChapelle; funeral at mortuary chapel; public; dredgeman
SEPTICMUS Oley, 34 years; tuberculosis, St.Marys Hospital; July 9, 1918, Dr. LaChapelle; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory; attached clipping
SETWART Miss Ada; 14 years old; Drowned; Florence S.; August 16, 1900; Gov't
SHALZE Mrs. A.P., 75 years 3 months; Bay City, Michigan; St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.16, 1937, Dr.Duncan; St. Mary's Church, Public Cemetery; Mr. A.P. Shalze
SHARP George Henry, 71 years; England; heart trouble, St. Mary's Hospital; April 17, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; Broker
SHARP Harriet Josephine; 8 months 19 days old; Cholera infantum; 229 4th Ave. North; September 5, 1905; Dr. Lachapelle; Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Sharp
SHARPS William, 48 years; consumption, Good Samaritan Hospital; October 23, 1915, Dr.Chipman; funeral at chapel; Peter Sharps; miner
SHEA William; 26 years old; Tubercular peritonitis; St. Mary's Hospital; March 30, 1902; Dr. Cassels; Yukon Gov't; Parents live South Park, WA
SHIPMAN Joseph C., about 35 years; shot in arm, accident, North Fork of Klondike River; May 13, 1911, Coroner Harrigan; funeral at Presbyterian Church; 100F No 1, Fred Hickling and Joe Boyle; machinist
SHOEBOTHAM Y.M., 57 years; Near London, Ont.; heart failure, Eagle Hall; Jan.27, 1928, Dr.Thompson; St.Paul's Cathedral, body shipped to Near London Ont.; RCMP; RCMP policeman
SHOLES Rollen; 29 years old; Came from Tacoma, WA; Nephritis; Good Samaritan Hospital; July 13, 1901; Dr. Cassels; C. E. Taylor; Parents and three sisters live in Tacoma, WA
SHUK Josiah, 45 years; abcess, Good Samaritan Hospital; September 24, 1915, Dr.Thompson; funeral at chapel; L.O.O. Moose; miner
SHULTZ Annie Mrs.; 54 years old; Cancer of stomach; Good Samaritan Hospital; June 12, 1902; Dr. Cassels; Mother of Emil F. Shultz, Ballard, WA
SIBBIT Belle Rachel; 22 years old; Phthisis; #25 Quartz Creek; July 1, 1901; Dr. Edwards; Wife of Arthur Sibbit from Trenton, Mo
SILAS Tanana; Moosehide; Moosehide, Nov. 18, 1930; Moosehide Cemetery; Supt. of Indian Affairs
SILAS William, 55 years; cancer, St.Marys Hospital; December 1, 1921, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Moosehide; Indian officers and friends; Indian Chief, hunter;
SILAS Mary, 23 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; August 31, 1921, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at chapel; public; servant
SILAS Maggie, 14 years; tuberculosis, Good Samaritan Hospital; August 22, 1909, Dr.Thompson; funeral at Moosehide; Dept. Indian Affairs; maiden
SIM Robert, 61 years; Scotland; St. Mary's Hospital; March 2, 1936, Dr.H.J. Nunn; St.Paul's Cathedral; Oddfellows and brother Henry
SIMON Elleve Margaret, 16 years; Moosehide; tuberculosis, Moosehide; Feb.6, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs; Daughter of Long Simon
SIMON Alfons, 50 years; heart disease, Klondike City; April 25, 1909, Dr.Catts; funeral at church; Jos. Berry; restaurant keeper
SIMONS Joseph; Moosehide; Dept. of Indian Affairs
SIMONS Louise A., 74 years; Cornwall, England; Front St. Dawson; Feb.22, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour; Terr Gov't and J. Berry; restaurant keeper
SIMONS Isaac; Drowned; Forty Mile River; August 1902; Coroner Wroughton; Greene's ; Yukon Gov't and Jewish Assn.
SIMPSON Nellie, 46 years; cancer, St.Marys Hospital; December 26, 1911, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at Catholic Church; Y.T.; cook
SIMPSON Mrs. Milton B., 53 years; American; burnt on Hunker Creek, St.Marys Hospital; June 20, 1923, Dr. Thompson; funeral at St.Andrews Church; public?; housewife
SINCLAIR Mrs. B.F., 47 years; dropsy, St.Marys Hospital; June 6, 1909; funeral at chapel; J.Y. Rosmon
SINCLAIR F.X., 48 years; French Canadian, St.Paul's, Quebec; paralysis, St.Marys Hospital; October 30, 1917, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at St.Marys Chapel; estate; miner
SINZLE Khan, 25 years; killed by cave in, Querty Creek, Y.T.; June 16, 1909, Coroner Honnigan; funeral at chapel; public administrator; miner
SKELTON Abbie H., 60 years; Quebec; cardio vascular disease, St. Mary's Hospital; March 12, 1931, Dr.Nunn; United Church, Hillside Cemetery; H.H. Skelton; housewife; article attached
SKENE Henry A., 38 years; appendicitus, St.Marys Hospital; April 9, 1908, Dr.Barrett; funeral at F.O.E. Hall; F.O.E. & W.J. Callius; blacksmith
SLEEVES Gertrude E.; Peritonitis; Good Samaritan Hospital; June 15, 1907; Dr. Catto; Methodist Church; Held for shipment; Wife of Frank Sleeves, 31 years old, from New Brunswick; Maiden name Gertrude E. Smith
SMACKER John A., 57 years; California; St. Mary's Hospital; July 20, 1935, Dr.H.J. Nunn; St.Paul's Cathedral; Eagles and Mrs.Smacker; dredge master
SMALLEY Richard E., colored, 42 years; supposed to be heart trouble, Black Hills; October 24, 1908, none; funeral at chapel; A.H.A.M. Masonic Lodge; miner
SMART John, 58 years; heart disease, Good Samaritan Hospital; funeral at Presbyterian Church; F.O.E.; carpenter
SMEENY December 1898; Jack Paterson
SMITH Arthur C.; 38 years old; Suicide by hanging; September 6, 1900; Coroner MacDonald; Episcopal Church; Ames Mercantile Co.
SMITH Francis Preston; 10 hours; 5th Ave and 6th Street; November 23, 1901; Dr. Richardson; Residence
SMITH Laura A.; 33 years old; Vascular disease of heart; January 21, 1902; Dr. Cassels; Greene's; Wife of W. F. Smith (Cascade Laundry)
SMITH Robert; 52 years old; Portland, Oregon; Scurvy (pneumonia); Good Samaritan Hospital; April 7, 1901; Dr. MacDonald; Greene's; Yukon Gov't
SMITH William F.; suicide, Black Hills Road House; January, 1913, Coroner Telford; public administrator
SMITH Sam, child; St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.10, 1934, Dr.Stewart; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs
SMITH Edward J.J., 55 years; brights disease, Good Samaritan Hospital; October 7, 1910, Dr.Thompson; funeral at St.Pauls Church; charged to RNWMP; occupation RNWMP
SMITH Hanna Mrs.; murdered, Black Hill Road House; January, 1913, Coroner Telford; funeral at English Church; estate
SMITH Henry, 63 years; heart trouble, Good Samaritan Hospital; February 4, 1913, Dr.Culbertson; Andy Hart; miner
SMITH M.O., 60 years; tuberculosis, cabin on Hunker Road; April 5, 1913, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at Methodist Church; Dr.Cribbs; miner
SMITH Ralph; gassed in shaft, 20 Eldorado Creek; May 9, 1908, Coroner Douglas; funeral at chapel; A.P. Richmonds, J.H. Walten; miner
SMITH Charles H., 50 years; USA, Missouri; murdered, 21 miles below Selkirk, Y.T.; February 12, 1926, Dr.Thompson; public; wood chopper
SMITH John, 52 years; USA; gun shot wound, Selford Creek; January 30, 1926, Dr.Thompson; funeral at undertaking parlor; Y.T. and friends; miner
SMITH Sidney; 32 years old; 8th Ave. South; August 16, 1906; St. Paul's
SMITH Arthur H.; September 30, 1900; Shipped to San Francisco; Ames Mercantile Co.
SMITH Ralph, 72 years; Ontario; exposure, frozen, Bonanza Trail; Dec.24, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlor, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
SMITH Sophia, 70 years; Moosehide; old age; July 20, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs; widow
SMITH Thomas, 86 years; Ontario; broken ribs, etc., St. Mary's Hospital; July 18, 1934, Dr.H.J.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; labourer
SMYTHE Brought in from Stewart; March 21, 1914, Dr.Chipman; Mrs.Smythe
SNOPE Frank; 23 years old; #22 below Hunker; January 10, 1901; Coroner Routledge; Greene's ; McKnight, Williams and Turnbull
SNUGG David, 26 years; drowned, Yukon River; June 3, 1915, Coroner; funeral at Chapel; L.O.O. Moose; logger
SOMMERVILLE H.E.; exposure, Old Inn; September 2, 1913, Coroner Telford; no funeral; public administrator
SPARKS George, 24 years; Newfoundland; St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.10, 1937, Dr.Duncan; chapel, Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
SPEAKE William A.; 38 years old; Urinal fever; St. Mary's Hospital; December 19, 1901; Dr. Barrett; Greene's; Mrs. H. A. Speake and Elks; Supt. Dawson Electric Light Works
SPEER W.K., 73 years; heart disease, Good Samaritan Hospital; February 7, 1912, Dr.Catts; funeral at chapel; Mr.Devlin; miner
SPENCER Harry; November 25, 1898; N. A. Fuller
SPIVEY Q.E., 61 years; abcess in throat, St.Marys Hospital; October 2, 1920, Dr.Chipman; funeral at chapel; estate; warehouse man
SPROULE Lora, 48 years; Buffalo, New York; burns where home burned, St.Marys Hospital; June 2, 1917, Dr.Thompson; funeral at chapel; Chas Sproule (husband); attached clipping
ST. PIERRE Thomas; 10 years old; Tubercular meningitis; St. Mary's Hospital; December 3, 1903; Dr. Edwards; St. Mary's ; Yukon Gov't; (MacKenzie Rines ? Indian)
ST.JEAN E., 52 years; operation for rupture, St.Marys Hospital; January 11, 1913, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Church; Eagles; tailor
ST.LAURENT Pete, 14 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; October 19, 1923, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at St.Marys Chapel; Territory
ST.LAURENT Pete, 70 years; Rimouski, Quebec; Hemiphligia, St. Mary's Hospital; April 11, 1931, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Order of Eagles; miner
STANLEY Jesse, 23 years; drowning, body found in front of St.Marys Hospital; July 10, 1908, Coroner Douglas; no funeral; Fort Egbert, Alaska
STARPER Lucy, 30 years; tuberculosis, Good Samaritan Hospital; December 21, 1910, Dr.Thompson; funeral at Moosehide; Henry Sterper, Y.T.
STAVARD Jack, 45 years; Nova Scotia; heart trouble; Jan.15, 1931, Dr.H.E.Thompson; United Church, F.O.E. Cemetery; Fraternal Order of Eagles; janitor; article attached
STEARN Infant; 1 day old; May 9, 1901; Dr. Cassels; Greene's; Stewart, Mrs. John; Drowned; Florence S.; August 11, 1900; Buried in Victoria, BC; Gov't
STEEVES E. Gertrude, 31 years; peritonitis, Good Samaritan Hospital; June 15, 1907, Dr.Catts; funeral at Methodist Church; Frank Steeves
STEINBERGER Sauvial, 51 years; cancer of stomach, Good Samaritan Hospital; June 15, 1908, Dr.Catts; funeral at chapel; public administrator, D.A. Dalapole, and friends; miner
STEPP Baby, 4 days; March 19, 1919; ?, home 8th Avenue; March 24, 1919, Dr.Thompson; buried November 28, no funeral; no charge
STEVENS Child, 9 years; Dawson; St. Mary's Hospital; 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Mr.Johnson and St.Paul's Hostel; son of George Stevens
STEVENS William, 64 years; Kentucky; heart failure, St. Mary's Hospital; July 1, 1937, Dr.A.C. Duncan; Winaut's Chapel, Public Cemetery; Gov't; wood chopper
STEWART John, 72 years; Leonard, Ont.; Aug. 23, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour; Yukon Gov't; miner
STEWART Lizzie, 28 years; see certificate; January 12, 1903; Forty Mile, Dr.Hepwarth; no funeral; Greig Stewart
STILLMAN Edward, 46 years; England; ?, St.Marys Hospital; November 23, 1917, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at St.Pauls Church; Eagles; Bookkepper
STILTY Cecil Raymond, 56 years (Stiltz); German/American; heart trouble, Hunker Creek; about July 25, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
STINGLE Viola Victoria, 62 years; Ohio, USA; Atoxia, Turner St.Dawson; Dec.26, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Edwards Parlour and St.Andrews United Church; Joseph W. Stingle (husband); article attached
STOLTZ Herman, 60 years; consupmtion, Good Samaritan Hospital; April 7, 1916, Dr.Chipman; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory; miner
STONE Mrs. Lena; 29 years old; Last Chance Creek; January 12, 1905; Dr. Rimer; St. Mary's ; A. E. Stone
STREETER Elmer G.; 38 years old; Typhoid pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; January 21, 1903; Dr. Edwards; St. Mary's; Gus Zempel
STROM Edward, 62 years; Sweden; heart trouble, Harper St.; Feb.20, 1931, Dr.W.E.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Eagle Cemetery; Fraternal Order of Eagles; bartender
STROP Amos, 63 years; heart failure, Good Samaritan Hospital; September 3, 1917, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory; miner
STROUP Katie; (Stella Hill); December 1898; Charley Hill
SUIRONS Alfred, 35 years, Indian; appendicitus, St.Marys Hospital; September 10, 1909, Dr.Barrett; funeral at Moosehide; Dept. of Indian affairs; Church of England
SULLIVAN Richard; 45 years old; Alcoholism and opium; Cabin near Paterson Hotel, 2nd Ave; April 21, 1901; Coroner Routledge; Greene's; Yukon Gov't
SULLIVAN William; 23 years old; Consumption; St. Mary's Hospital; May 28, 1902; Dr. Barrett; St. Mary's; Parents live in Los Angeles, CA
SUMMERVILLE Olive Mrs.; 28 years old; Tuberculosis; St. Mary's Hospital; June 29, 1902; Dr. Barrett; St. Mary's Church; Wife of Alex R. Summerville
SUPERCZNISKI Jacob, 59 years; Poland; cancer, St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.14, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; miner
SURGESON George; 65 years old; Bright's disease; St. Mary's Hospital; April 4, 1903; Dr. Barrett; St. Mary's Church; Public Admin.
SUTHERLAND Howard I., 62 years; Nova Scotia; St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.19, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; plumber
SWANSON August, 67 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; June 14, 1923, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at undertaking chapel; Territory; miner
SWANSON August, 67 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; June 14, 1918, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory; miner
SWARD John A.; 35 years old; Poisoning wood alcohol; #12 above American Gulch; March 21, 1901; Coroner Starues; Greene's ; Yukon Gov't
SWAYNE Rollin., 50 years about; heart, Glacier Creek; february 22, 1918, Coroner RNWMP; funeral at chapel; public; miner
SWISSTON Matilda, 68 years; Ontario; St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.22, 1931, C.H.Jenkins; St.Paul's Church, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; spinster; Maiden name Miss M.Day; article attached
SYLVESTRE Aim‚e; 37 years old; Exposure; Glacier Creek Trail; November 5, 1905; Coroner Douglas; St. Mary's Chapel; Chas. Sylvestre
ZODIDOVICH Antone, 37 years; ptomaine poisoning, St.Marys Hospital; June 2, 1919, Drs.Culbertson & LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Yukon Gold Company; cook
ZUCCO Desirio, 67 years; Italy; heart trouble, 10 Mile Creek, YT; Oct.3, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Public Admin.; miner
ZUCCO John, 42 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; June 27, 1910, Dr.Thompson; funeral at Catholic Church; Antoia Zucco (brother)




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