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Dawson City Mortuary Records, 1898-1938


Source:  Mortuary records of J.A. Greene, Frank Lowe, Edwards and Winaut, and Alex Wark.


Name Description
RAHN Frederick; 48 years old; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; December 12, 1900; Dr. MacFarlane; St. Mary's ; Dr. Gendreau; Miner
RAMSCH Charles; 45 years old; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; April 9, 1907; Dr. Barrett; Public Admin.; Came here from Juneau, AK and worked at #60 above Bonanza
RANSLEY Alfred, 63 years; Sussex, England; cancer in throat, St. Mary's Hospital; Aug 16, 1932, Dr.Nunn; St.Pauls Cathedral, Hillside Cemetery; IOOF; waiter
RAUISCH Charles, 45 years; pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; April 9, 1907, Dr.Barrett; no funeral; public administrator; miner
RAYER Octave; natural causes, cabin on south end; December 2, 1921, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Pioneers Lodge; miner
READ George; 38 years old; Pernicious anaernis; Good Samaritan Hospital; October 8, 1904; Dr. Catto; Greene's; Edward Dunnon
REARDON Robert Alfred; 19 months old; Pneumonia; #35 below Hunker; November 26, 1906; Dr. Robertson; J. N. Fowlie; Child of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Reardon
REARDON Dave William, 73 years; Kentucky; St. Mary's Hospital; May 23, 1933, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; bridge builder
REDASH Geo. A.; 29 years old; Austria; Meningitis; Good Samaritan Hospital; August 27, 1904; Dr. Cassels; Gov't
REDDING Harry, 69 years; heart, St.Marys Hospital; February 8, 1920, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory; miner
REDMOND Robert J., 12 years; under anaesthetic, St.Marys Hospital; June 25, 1920, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; Chas Redmond
REDMOND Mrs.Charles, 39 years; cancer, Good Samaritan Hospital; May 8, 1913, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at presbyterian Church; Charles Redmond (husband)
REID Mrs.Gertrude; heart failure, St.Marys Hospital; August 28, 1925, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at mortuary chapel; Mr.Percy Reid
REILLY Joseph M.; 31 years old; St. Mary's Hospital; February 12, 1903; Dr. Barrett; St. Mary's; Ritznaller and Farrar; Family live at Auacortes, WA
REINECK Elizabeth, 42 years; drowned suicide, Dawson; August 6, 1908, Coroner Harrigan; funeral at grave; John Gergardt (brother)
REITZMA 60 years; suicide by rifle, Con Carter's Ranch; Oct.22, 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Edwards, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; gardener
RELFE Linn W. 24 years old; Murdered; Body found 12 miles down Selkirk; December 25, 1899; Coroner Scarth; Shipped to Seattle, June 8 ; Abe Ritzmaller
RENAUD Charles, 56 years; abcess of brain, St.Marys Hospital; April 18, 1909, Dr.Thopmson; funeral at Catholic Church; R.Polin; miner
RENNINGTON J. S.; 52 years old; Qu‚bec; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; January 17, 1901; Dr. Gagnon; St. Mary's ; Yukon Gov't
REUTER George, 62 years; pneumonia, Good Samaritan Hospital; December 15, 1917, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; estate, Ed E. Shuck; engineer
REYNOLDS Geaorge C., 70 years; Ontario; Debility, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.15, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; rancher
RHEAULT Napolean, 65 years; Quebec; ?, St.Marys Hospital; August 18, 1922, Dr. LaChapelle; funeral at St. Marys Chapel; Ed Moreau; miner
RHOADS William, 62 years; carcinoma of throat, St.Marys Hospital; Hanuary 6, 1913, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at church; Eagles; musician
RHUE Chester, 68 years (Rue); Norway; Froze to death, Cabin on 2nd Ave; Dec.23, 1933, Dr.H.J.Nunn; Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; labourer
RICE Frederick, 76 years; Yukon Hotel; Aug.2, 1937; Winaut's Chapel, Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
RICHARDS Anthony P., 56 years; November 8, 1909, Dr.Thompson; funeral at Presbyterian Church; Mrs.Richards; butcher
RICHARDS Const. Wm. F.; 41 years old; Suicide by shooting; Caribou, Dominion Creek; February 13, 1906; Coroner Douglas; Police Cemetery; RNWMP
RICHARDS Anthony P.; 56 years old; Pneumonia; Good Samaritan Hospital; November 8, 1909; Dr. Thompson; Funeral at Presbyterian Church; Mrs. Richards; Butcher
RICHARDSON John H.; 26 years old; Abscess of brain; St. Mary's Hospital; April 16, 1905; Dr. Barrett; Greene's ; Ernest Demaray
RICHARDSON John, 62 years; New South Wales, Australia; St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.13, 1931, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Mme Beveride; miner; article attached
RICHARDSON John; heart, Bear Creek Roadhouse; July 21, 1917, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at St.Pauls Church; public; hotel keeper
RIELLEY Frank; 40 years old; California; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; January 17, 1901; Dr. Cassels; St Mary's
RIGGINS Starling B.; 32 years old; Pneumonia; #13 Gold Run; November 22, 1900; Dr. Dehabough; R. Lucas
RIMETEY Stephen, 73 years; old age, St.Marys Hospital; October 31, 1921, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Lowes Chapel; estate; labourer
RINTER Chas.M., 70 years; wood camp near river; Oct.12, 1936, Dr.Duncan; Winaut's Chapel, Pioneer Hill Cemetery; YOOP and Yukon Gov't; wood dealer
RIOUX Alphonse, 38 years; ptomaine poisoning, St.Marys Hospital; May 24, 1919, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Yukon Gold Company; miner
RIVARD Ernest, 56 years; Quebec; pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; December 18, 1917, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at IOOF Hall; Oddfellows; miner
RIVERS Charlotte, 8 days; Dawson; St. Mary's Hospital; Jan 18, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Charles Rivers (father)
RIVERS Marie Louise, 33 years; cancer of the intestine, Good Samaritan Hospital; April 11, 1912, Dr.Catts; funeral at Catholic Church; J.G. Rivers
ROACH Patrick, 73 years; Ireland; debility, St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.24, 1928, Dr.W.E. Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C.Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; farmer
ROBERTS Infant, 1 year; Moosehide; Moosehide; Feb. 20, 1930; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs; Daughter of Dave Roberts
ROBERTS Infant; Feb.6, 1936; Dept. of Indian Affairs
ROBERTS Esie, 46 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; March 21, 1911, Dr. Thompson; funeral at Methodist Church; Tom and L.M.Patters "sons"
ROBERTSON Duncan C., 61 years; Scotland; arterio sclerosis, St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.30, 1926, Dr.Thompson; St.Andrews United Church, YOOP Cemetery; IOOF; Lodge Secretary
ROBERTSON John; English; heart trouble, St.Marys Hospital; March 19, 1923, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at St.Andrews Church; teamster
ROBERTSON R.B., 75 years; Scotland; cancer, St.Marys Hospital; March 12, 1922, Dr.Thompson; funeral at Presbyterian Church; estate; merchant
ROBERTSON Mrs. Barbara; 49 years 10 months old; Heart disease; #4 below Bonanza; November 7, 1902; Dr. Elliott; Greene's; Wife of Alexander Robertson
ROBFINAT Sarah Elmer, 68 years (1850); New York; heart failure, Cottage on 3rd Avenue; August 24, 1918, Dr.J.A.LaChapelle; A.D.Rofinat
ROBINSON Mrs. Mary E.; 45 years old; Operation for tumour; St. Mary's Hospital; December 29, 1904; Dr. A. Thompson
ROCCO August, 71 years; rupture of anerurism, Occidental Hostel; Oct.8, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; fisherman
ROCHON Joseph, 76 years; cancer, St.Marys Hospital; June 2, 1926, Dr.Pyrne; funeral at undertaking parlor; YOOP & YT; raod house keeper
ROCK Martin J.; 47 years old; Drowned in Klondike River; Body found May 5, 1907; Yukon Gov't
ROCK J.Martin, 47 years; drowned, Klondike River, fell off raft; Fall 1906, Coroner Douglas; funeral at grave; Y.T.; miner
RODTEL Rossini, 84 years; Switzerland; Dropsy, St. Mary's Hospital; Undertakers Parlour, Pioneer Cemetery; public admin.; housewife
ROEHIG C. H.; September 25, 1899; Dr. Steele; Buried at Fort Yukon; A. B. Edison
ROFINOE Alfred, 54 years; USA; paralysis, St.Marys Hospital; November 17, 1922, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at ?; estate; labourer
ROHRBACK Frank, 53 years; Wisconsin; ?, cabin Sulphur creek; October 17, 1923, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at E & W Chapel; public; barber
ROIKAVICK John, 27 years; drowned, Stewart River; July 1913, Coroner Telford; funeral at chapel; labourer
ROMAN William, 50 years; Norway; stomach, pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; November 16, 1915, Dr. Culbertson; funeral service at chapel; public; wood dealer
ROMAN Lena, 22 years; Moosehide; ptomaine poisoning of acute indigestion, South Dawson; Feb.5, 1928, Dr.W.E.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Moosehide; Fred Roman (husband)
ROSENFELDT J., 71 years; heart failure, Granville; Jan.15, 1931, Dr.Crooner; Undertakers Parlour, Jewish Cemetery; public admin.; clerk; article attached
ROSS Sam, 65 years; store on Front Dawson; July 28, 1911, coroner; funeral at chapel; estate; merchant
ROSS Elizabeth; 66 years 7 months 9 days old; Apoplexy; December 12, 1899; Presbyterian Church; Mrs. Huson
ROSS Hector G.; 30 years old; Suicide by shooting; Golden Eagle; February 3, 1904; Coroner Taylor; Greene's; Sergeant Hillyard
ROSSBOROUGH Thomas, 75 years; heart trouble, cabin north end city; January 19, 1921, Coroner Telford; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory
ROSSON Joseph, 66 years; Italy; St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.3, 1935, Dr. H.J. Nunn; YOOP and Estate
ROUPE William, 71 years; Santa Rosa, Calf.; Hemipligia, St. Mary's Hospital; July 30, 1937; Winaut's Chapel, Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
ROURK Harry A.; 1 month old; November 2, 1904; Dr. A. G. Thompson; Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Rourk
ROUSHEIMER Madge; 24 years old; Stewart Crossing Road House; December 3, 1906; Coroner Douglas; Public Admin.; Sister of Mrs. Grannier
ROUSSEAU Mrs.Amedie, 54 years; Murray Roy, Quebec; cardiac asthma, St. Mary's Hospital; May 27, 1931, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Chapel, R.C.Cemetery; Amedie Rousseau; housewife
ROUSSOW Walter, 49 years; Stettin, Germany; St. Mary's Hospital; Sept. 22, 1935, Dr.H.J.Nunn; Yukon Gov't; miner
ROWAN Saminick; 60 years old; Trouble with heart; Ridge Road (McMullie Camp); July 1, 1907; Dr. Barrett; Catholic Church; Public Admin.; Labourer
ROWAN Mrs. Emily; 28 years old; Pneumonia; May 15, 1900; Dr. Richardson; Clement and T. A. Davis
ROWAN Dominick, 60 years; dilation of heart, Yukon Gold Co., McMullin Camp on ridge; July 1, 1907, Dr.Barrettt; funeral at church; estate; public administrator; miner
ROY Joseph, 45 years; Quebec; cardial failure, Maisey May Ranch; April 3, 1931, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; farmer
ROY Arthur, 52 years; pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; December 22, 1917, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Pet Sutherland; labourer
RUBACK William, 75 years; German; peritonitis, St.Marys Hospital; August 20, 1923, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at undertakings chapel; Territory; labourer
RUDLEN Isaac, 75 years; Canada; heart, Good Samaritan Hospital; November 21, 1915, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory; miner
RUVANE Michael, 71 years; Mayo County, Ireland; St. Mary's Hospital; Sept. 23, 1932, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; labourer
RYAN Infant; Dawson; stillborn, St. Mary's Hospital; May 29, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; D.Ryan (father)
RYAN Edward Joseph John ; no other info.
RYAN John; 31 years old; Boston, Mass.; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; March 5, 1901; Dr. Hepworth; St. Mary's
RYSTOGI Adam, 65 years; Poland; heart failure; Oct.30, 1936; Catholic Church, R.C. Cemetery; Baker




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