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Dawson City Mortuary Records, 1898-1938

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Source:  Mortuary records of J.A. Greene, Frank Lowe, Edwards and Winaut, and Alex Wark.

Name Description
NADAU Fred, 77 years; Quebec; senility, St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.18, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; labourer
NADDALEUA J. A.; 33 years old; Swiss; Found in Indian River; 2« miles below Euraeka Creek; July 1, 1907; Dr. Thompson; Public Admin.
NADEAU Majorie, 66 years; St.Jean Chrysoslovie, Quebec; St. Mary's Hospital; May 29, 1933, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; labourer
NEANAM Fred, 60 years; tuberculosis, cabin Harper Street; December 24, 1920, RCMP; funeral at chapel; public; farmer
NEE Pearl M., 25 years; USA; tuberculosis, Good Samaritan Hospital; March 14, 1918, W.E. Thompson; funeral at chapel; J.C. Stewart
NEILSON John; 45 years old; Heart disease; April 11, 1900; Dr. MacDonald; Pioneer Hall; Mrs. Neilson
NELSON Andrew H.; 34 years old; Spinal meningitis; #42 Gold Run; May 21, 1903; Dr. Laurbark; E. W. Gates; Shipped to Eureka, CA
NELSON Charles; 33 years old; Cane in; Chechako Hill; December 15, 1901; Coroner McDonald; Grand Forks; F. M. Bartholde
NELSON Samuel; 25 years old; Cave in of earth in drift; #41 above Bonanza; March 11, 1901; Coroner MacDonnnell; Greene's; C. E. Carboneau; Worker for C. E. Carboneau
NELSON Nels, 80 years; Sweden; St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.8, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; farmer
NEWMAN Mrs.Alice, 64 years; England; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.17, 1937; Anglican CHurch, Public Cemetary; Husband
NICHOLAS John, 61 years; Greek; heart, St.Marys Hospital; December 23, 1917, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Chapel; estate; barber
NICHOLSON James, 73 years; heart failure, behind Lepcaus barn; Jan 18, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; labourer
NIVEN John, 82 years; kidney and debility, St.Marys Hospital; August 9, 1918, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; public; miner
NOBLE Mary, 56 years; ?, Good Samaritan Hospital; November 22, 1917, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; estate; nurse (widow)
NOBLE Alexander H.; 24 years old; Peritonitis; Good Samaritan Hospital; October 10, 1900; Dr. McDonald
NORDLING Axel, 14 years; Sweden; tuberculosis of the bone, St.Marys Hospital; May 22, 1917, Dr.Glancy; funeral at chapel; H.Francis; Boy
NORDLING Otto, 49 years; September 16, 1870; Oseland, Sweden; ptomaine poisoning, St.Marys Hospital; May 31, 1919, Culbertson & LaChapelle; funeral at St.Andrews Church; Yukon Gold Company; miner
NORKING Charles, 73 years; Sweden; nephrilir, St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.29, 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner; article attached
NORMAN Carl, 61 years; Norway; St. Mary's Hospital; April 8, 1936, Dr.Nunn; chapel; Pioneer and Yukon Gov't; miner
NORMAN Henry, 69 years; Switzerland; St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.17, 1937, Dr.Duncan; Undertakers Parlour, Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; wood chopper
NOSVIS Annette; Stillborn; September 15, 1905; Dr. Roberts; Huxford
NUNN Dr.Herbert John, 37 years; Essex, England; inflammation of gall bladder, St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.30, 1936, Dr.Humes and Dr.Soper; St.Paul's Church, Masonic Cemetery; estate; doctor
O'BRIEN Thomas W., 54 years; March 8, 1862; liver, St.Marys Hospital; August 24, 1916, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at St.Marys Church; Mrs. O'Brien (widow); retired
O'CONNOR Gerald; 13 days old; Premature birth; Good Samaritan Hospital; January 31, 1901; Dr. MacDonald; Yukon Gov't
O'GRADY James, 77 years; Bellow Coroners, Ottawa; St. Mary's Hospital, June 14, 1935; Dr.H.J. Nunn; YOOP and Mr. George Williams
O'KEEF Lawrence; influenza, Nenana, Alaska; May 13, 1920, Dr.M.E. Smith; funeral at Catholic Chapel; widow paid; manager N.C. Company
O'KEEFE Mrs. Michael, 58 years; Ireland; pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; June 16, 1920, Dr.Chipman; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Michael O'Keefe
O'KEEFE William, 55 years; pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; October 1, 1920, Dr.Chipman; funeral at Catholic Chapel; public; miner
O'NEIL Emerson, 45 years; stomach, St.Marys Hospital; January 4, 1921, Dr.Chipman; funeral at chapel; Oddfellows; miner
O'NEIL James B., 41 years (born Ontario); liver trouble, St.Marys Hospital; June 5, 1921, Dr. Chipman; funeral at chapel; John Block (public administration); clerk
O'NEILL Dan, 62 years; Ireland; ?, St.Marys Hospital; June 18, 1922, Dr.Chipman; funeral at chapel; miner from Keno Hill
OBERGFELL Joseph, 72 years; Germany; burned to death, Nugget Gulch; Oct.15, 1929; Undertakers Parlour, R.C.Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Louis Nadeau; barber
OGBURN Robert Archibald, 10 years; 12 mile (place of death); July 24, 1925, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at United Church of Canada; R.C. Ogburn; child
OKADA Yuda, 61 years; Japan; accidental, St. Mary's Hospital; July 31, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; machinist
OKER George W., 49 years; abcess on lung pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; July 19, 1909, Dr.Barrett; Mrs.Oker (widow), (Elizabeth Jane); miner
OLKER Diederich, 35 years; suicide, cabin, Klondike City; February 3, 1911, coroner; no funeral; Y.T.
OLSEN Carl Ernest; 13 days old; Dugas between 7th and 8th Ave.; August 28, 1902; Dr. Cassels; Son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Olsen
OLSON Beda; 27 years old; Consumption; St. Mary's Hospital; April 9, 1903; Dr. Edwards; Greene's; Wife of Ben Olson, #17 Gold Run; Home Grandy, Minn.
OLSON John, 53 years; Sweden; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec. 14, 1936, Dr.Duncan; Winaut's Chapel, Public Cemetery; Percy Dewolf; trapper, resided at 40 mile
OLSON Olaf, 84 years; Norway; senility, senile gangrene, St.Marys Hospital; April 22, 1925, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at St.Pauls Church; public; property pioneer
OLSON Magnus, 67 years; cancer of stomach, St.Marys Hospital; December 21, 1914, Coroner Telford; funeral at English Church; Mr. McGill; pound keeper
ORLICH Mike, 31 years; brights disease, St.Marys hospital; April 9, 1910, Dr.Thompson; funeral at St.Marys Church; Y.T.
OSBORN Owen, 71 years; England; Arterio sclerosis, St. Mary's Hospital; Setp. 16, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
OSBORN George W., 85 years; Ontaroi; ?, home on 7th Avenue; January 19, 1923, Dr.Thompson; funeral at St.Pauls Church; Frank Osborne (son); miner
OSGOOD Raymond Oliver, 64 years; Mansfield, PA; heart trouble, Administration Building; Nov.26, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
OULLETTE Alfred; 19 years old; Peritonitis; St. Mary's Hospital; December 9, 1905; Dr. Thompson; St. Mary's Chapel; Joe Cadieux and Yukon Gov;t
OWENS Patrick, 68 years; Ireland; heart trouble, dropsey, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.8, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
PACKER Solomon, 57 years; heart, store Front Street; February 25, 1918, Coroner; funeral at chapel; estate; merchant
PAGET Charles, 68 years; ?, near the head of the Klondike River ?, Coroner; funeral at Lewes Chapel; estate; miner; attached clipping
PAREGLIO Antoin, 48 years; bladder trouble, July 29, 1915, Dr.Chipman; funeral at chapel; Y.T.; labourer
PARIS William, 70 years; erysiplas and heart failure, Good Samaritan Hospital; June 19, 1909, Dr.Catts; funeral at chapel; public administrator; miner from Ontario, Canada
PARTRIDGE Earnest, 23 years; appendicitis, St.Marys Hospital; June 25, 1908, Dr.Barrett and Thompson; funeral at chapel; Joe Partridge, Huntington, Quebec
PASQUAN Christopher, 79 years; Austria; St. Mary's Hospital; March 6, 1937; Catholic Church, Pioneer Hill Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Pioneers
PASTOR Frank, 61 years; Hungary; heart failure, Eureka Creek, YT; Dec.18, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; miner
PATTEN Mrs. Rose, 33 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; April 23, 1917, Dr.J.O. LaChapelle; funeral service at Catholic Chapel; estate
PATTON Robert, 66 years; Ireland; cerebral hemmorhage, St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.1, 1926, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
PAULIN Romeo, 59 years (Poulin); St.Joseph, Brice, PQ; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.9, 1937; Winaut's Chapel, Public Cemetery; brother and estate; wood cutter
PAULSON Otto Frederick, 62 years; Denmark; ?, cabins on O'Neal Gulch; February 7, 1924, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at undertaking chapel; estate; miner
PECKMAN Albert E.; 52 years old; New York; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; December 16, 1900; Dr. Macfarlane; Greene's; Sister Superior St. Mary's
PEEKE Harry, 83 years; England; senility, St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.20, 1927, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and YOOP; miner
PEEKE Mrs.Mary, 67 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; June 27, 1924, Dr.Thompson; funeral at St.Andrews Church; Grant Henderson
PEERSON Gus, 58 years; fell in river, accident, Bear Creek Dredge; September 2, 1911, Coroner Telford; funeral at chapel; his estate; miner
PELLANT Chemagne, 7 months; bronchitis, home,; June 8, 1911, Dr.Catts; funeral at St.Marys Hospital; Joseph Pellant
PEPIN Merilda, 28 years; died after operation from childbirth, St.Marys Hospital; March 2, 1909, Dr. LaChapelle; funeral at St.Marys Church; G.Pepin, (husband)
PERKINS Josiah Darwin, 67 years; heart failure, home; December 7, 1910, Dr.Thompson; funeral at Presbyterian Church; Perkins and Sharrow; merchant
PERKINS Charles Grant; 36 years old; Septic Cellutis; Duke St. near 8th Ave.; January 29, 1902; Dr. Richardson; Presbyterian Church
PERSON Emil; 29 years old; Consumption of bowels; April 28, 1899; Dr. Barrett; Mason from Wooley, WA
PETERSON Mrs. Cristine; 27 years old; Childbirth; St. Mary's Hospital; April 24, 1907; Husband S. H. Peterson
PETERSON Henry; Suicide, found dead in woods near Hunker Road; May 27 or 29, 1903; Coroner Wroughton; Public Admin. ; Had $174.75 on his person
PETERSON Katrina, 27 years; childbirth, St.Marys Hospital; April 24, 1907, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at chapel; P.H. Peterson (husband)
PETERSON Marie Nessitt; 21 years old; Consumption; April 6, 1900; Dr. Barrett; Capt. Julius Peterson
PETERSON John, 65 years; gassed in mine, Eldorado Creek; Sept.10, 1929, Dr.E.E.Rogers; Undetakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
PETERSON Chris, 60 years; Denmark; St. Mary's Hospital; March 29, 1936, Dr.Nunn; Winaut's Chapel; Yukon Gov't; miner
PETERSON John C., 52 years; Russia; ?, St.Marys Hospital; September 4, 1925, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at undertaking parlour; Eagles; labourer
PHELPS Jack, 5 years; brain abcess, Good Samaritan Hospital; May 13, 1914, Dr.Chipman; funeral at chapel; J.Phelps Sr.
PHILLIPS Andrew, 51 years; cancer of stomach, Good Samaritan Hospital; January 24, 1911, Dr.Thompson; funeral at chapel; his estate; miner
PHILLIPS Catherine ann; 43 years 3 months 6 days old; Heart failure; Harper St. between 2nd and 3rd Ave.; December 3, 1905; Dr. Thompson; R. L. Ashbough
PICKERING Hollace, 70 years; Summerside, PEI; heart failure, Fourniers Ranch; Spet.23, 1936, Dr.Duncan; chapel, Public Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; labourer
PIERCE John Harry; Cave in in drift; #6 below Upper Dominion; January 22, 1905; Coroner Routledge; Greene's; John P. Stunner
PILGRIM Albert E.; 29 years old; St. Anthony's, Newfoundland; Cave in, Cheechako Hill; November 30, 1900; Coroner Routledge; Masonic Hall; Yukon Gov't; Miner
PINARD Joseph, 77 years; Nicholet, Quebec; Headache, St.Mary's Hospital; Feb.8, 1931, Dr. W.E. Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside cemetery; Yukon Gov't; lumberman; article attached
PINKERTON B.B., 42 years; Canada; pneumonia, Good Samaritan Hospital; December 20, 1917, W.E. Thompson; funeral at Presbyterian Church; Mrs.Pinkerton (wife); clerk
PINKERTON Amelia Gertrude; 33 years 1 month 14 days old; Heart failure; 333 7th Ave. South; July 1, 1906; Dr. Robertson; Residence; Wife of B. B. Pinkerton
PIRE Palmyer Mrs. alias Z.J. Edwards, 38 years; abcess and consumption, St.Marys Hospital; June 15, 1909, Dr.Thompson; funeral at Catholic Church; Mrs. Frank Brochu, Granville
POFF Elmer A.; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; June 30, 1901; Dr. Cassels; Shipped to Seattle, WA; In care of M. L. Poff (sister); Dr. Cassels and Beattie
POISSANT Maurice, 60 years; Canada; ?, St.Marys Hospital; August 10, 1923, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at St.Marys Chapel; Jack Salvais; miner
POLISKA Dominick; 25 years old; Fell down shaft; Hillside opposite of #15; July 26, 1906; Coroner Anderson; M. Lockhart
POLLAND Jenai, 59 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; January 19, 1920, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Chapel; estate; hotel keeper
PORTER Bert, 58 years; Ontario; debility kidney trouble, Good Samaritan Hospital; October 1, 1916, Dr.Chipman; funeral at chapel; estate; John McDonald; miner; clipping
PORTER H.E., 56 years; Nova Scotia; heart, Beaver River up the Stewart; May 27, 1916, Coroner Telford; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory; prospector
POTTER Mrs. Lena; 26 years old; Extra uterine pregnancy; Good Samaritan Hospital; January 2, 1906; Dr. A. Thompson; Greene's; Geo. F. Potter (husband) and Yukon Gov't
POULIN Mrs.Romeo, 49 years; Belgium; heart trouble, St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.14, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour; Romeo Poulin (husband)
POULIN Romeo; see:Paulin, Romeo
POWELL William, 56 years; heart, Good Samaritan Hospital; December 18, 1917, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory; miner
POWELL Clara Mary, 35 years; eclampsia, St.Marys Hospital; September 2, 1909, Dr.Barrett; funeral at St.Andrews Church; Frank Powell
PREIDS William, 89 years; USA; heart failure, St.Marys Hospital; March 27, 1926, Dr.Thompson; funeral at mortuary chapel; territory; miner
PREVOST Cyelle, 67 years; capillary bronchitis, St.Marys Hospital; August 21, 1913, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Church; public administrator
PROVAST Peter, 78 years; Quebec; liver trouble, St. Marys Hospital; funeral at Catholic Chapel; estate miner
PRUDHOMME Moise, 50 years; general debility, St.Marys Hospital; March 5, 1909, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Church; Sister Superior; miner, French Canadian
PUCHI Joseph; 44 years old; Kidney disease (operation); St. Mary's Hospital; December 9, 1903; Dr. Thompson; St. Mary's; Layman (#11 on Sulphur)
PUTNAM Child; 8 years old; Drowned; #5 below Bonanza; April 22, 1904; Coroner Routledge; Levi Putnam and son
PUTNAM Infant; Premature birth; Good Samaritan Hospital; October 9, 1905; Dr. A. Thompson; Forks; Mr. and Mrs. Levi Putnam
PYKE A.C., 53 years; liver trouble, Good Samaritan Hospital; March 18, 1912, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; dan Coates
QUETTE Mitchell; 58 years old; Ballard, WA; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; March 4, 1901; Dr. Sutherland ; St. Mary's; Peter Sutherland; Father of Mrs. Peter Sutherland of Dawson; Father of Mrs. Kennedy of Seattle; Wife and 2 children in Ballard, WA
QUINLAN Jerry, 47 years; tuberculosis, St.Marys Hospital; September 1, 1918, J.A. LaChapelle; funeral at St.Marys Chapel; public; miner
QUINN Omar G., 47 years; acute gastritis, McQuestion Ranch; April 16, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour; public admin.; prospector




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