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Dawson City Mortuary Records, 1898-1938

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Source:  Mortuary records of J.A. Greene, Frank Lowe, Edwards and Winaut, and Alex Wark.


Name Description
AASLUND John, 44 years; accidental drowning, Granville, Y.T.; May 31, 1926, Humky R.C.M.P.; funeral at undertaking parlor; public; dredge man
AGEE Roy Geo.; 19 years old; Peritonitis; St. Mary's Hospital; May 16, 1901; Dr. Sutherland; Methodist Church; Son of Algonzo Agee
ALLAN James, 72 years; heart, St.Marys Hospital; November 19, 1917, Dr. Culbertson; funeral at chapel; Mrs.Raymond
ALLAN James, 72 years; heart, St.Marys Hospital; February 8, 1920, Dr. Culbertson; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory
ALLEN William, 60 years; accidental gun shot, St.Marys Hospital; June 1, 1920, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; friends paid; longshoreman
ALOCK Marke; 29 years old; Drowned in Yukon ; September 14, 1903; coroner Howard; M. E. Church; Son of Capt. T. H. Alock
ALTON Abraham; 40 years old; Russia; came here from San Francisco; Pneumonia; Good Samaritan Hospital; February 6, 1901; Dr. McDonald; Jewish Cemetery; Public Admin.
AMES R.S., 73 years; pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; May 8, 1920, Dr. Culbertson; funeral at chapel, estate paid
AMURA Dawson; 49 days old; Makido Bath House; June 3, 1907; Dr. Thompson; Funeral at Chapel; George Amura (father)
AMURA Dawson; 49 years old; 2nd Ave. Makids Laundry; June 3, 1907; Dr. Thompson; Geo. Amura (father Japanese)
ANDERSON Mrs. Frances; 23 years old; Typhoid fever; St. Mary's Hospital; October 9, 1903; Dr. Barrett; Shipped to Reading CA; Wife of Chas Anderson
ANDERSON Herman Van Feumer; 3 years 7 months 6 days old; Drowned in ditch; 4th and Albert St. ; May 1905; Coroner Taylor
ANDERSON Otto; 29 years old; Crushed under load of wood; Moosehide Creek; December 7, 1906; Coroner Tucker; Pete Anderson
ANDERSON Ovie; 34 years 6 months 13 days old; Bright's disease of kidneys; March 5, 1905; Dr. Thompson; Greene's; J. R. Anderson (brother)
ANDERSON Ovie; Exhuming remains; September 7, 1906; A. L. Bragg
ANDERSON Harry, about 55 years; Sweden; heart, Eldorado Creek; March 20, 1920, Coroner Telford; funeral at grave; Y.T.; miner
ANDERSON Abraham, 79 years; Ireland; Debility, St. Mary's Hospital; May 4, 1929, Dr. Thompson; United Church, YOOP Cemetery; YOOP an Yukon Gov't; labourer
ANDERSON Hans, 64 years; Denmark; St. Mary's Hospital; April 3, 1930, Dr. Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; article attached
ANGELOS Louis; 39 years old; Drowned; Accident, slue opposite barracks; September 5, 1911; Coroner Telford; Funeral at Chapel; George Sanauts; Labourer
ANTONIA Sister Mary of Jesus, 66 years; Gyperien, PQ; pneumonia, St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.5, 1935, Dr.H.J. Nunn; St. Mary's Church; Superior of St. Mary's Hospital
ARCHIBALD James, 65 years; Scotland; Cancer of stomach and liver, St. Mary's Hospital; August 2, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Masonic Cemetery; public, admin.; miner
ARNETT Williamette; 54 years old; Jaundice; #35 below Hunker; February 21, 1901; Dr  Clenderan; Greene's ; Estate; Brother is executor, lives at Boulder City, Colorado
ARTHUR Georgia W.; 1 month old; Klondike City; February 14, 1901; Dr. Cassels; By Father
ARTHUR Mary, 25 years; tuberculosis, St. Marys Hospital; October 6, 1920, Dr. LaChapelle; Indians took body; Indian Affairs
ASHBAUGH Roderick; Natural Cause; At home; December 26, 1910; Coroner; Funeral at Presbyterian Church; Yukon Gov't; Lawyer
ATHERTON Ray; Burned with complications; March 4, 1914; Dr. Thompson; Funeral at Presbyterian Church; Wife; Dredgeman
ATKINSON Clarence T., 65 years; Iowa, USA; Burn and suffocation, cabin in alley between Steele Ave and 2nd Ave; Undertakers Parlour, Masonic Cemetery; Dawson Masonic Lodge; labourer
ATKINSON John, "Jack the Spieler"; England; Heart, St.Marys Hospital; Sept.5, 1916, Dr. Culbertson; Funeral at Chapel; Friends, Don Cronier; clipping attached
AUBREY L. M.; 57 years old; Heart disease; Good Samaritan Hospital; July 28, 1913; Dr. Culbertson; Funeral at Chapel; Yukon Gov't and H. Armstrong
AURDAL Jennie; 19 years old; Heart; Granville; February 21, 1909; Dr. Bell
AUSHROFT Joseph, 55 years; Poland; ulster stomach, St. Marys Hospital; June 19, 1919, Dr. Thompson; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Andy Bystogi
AUTHIER C. H.; 59 years old; Pericarditis; St. Mary's Hospital; March 25, 1915; Dr. Lachapelle; Funeral at Catholic Church; F. V. Gosselin
AYENS Edward M.; 26 years old ; Exposure; died on way from Stewart River to Duncan Creek; October 20, 1902; Coroner; Greene's; Odd Fellows and C. C. David; Shipped to Tulula Ils.
BABEOER John, 79 years; Kingston, Ont.; St. Mary's Hospital; May 30, 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
BAGOVOVICH Mircho, 26 years; St. Marys Hospital; July 24, 1917, Dr. Glancy; funeral at Chapel; Geo Janvich; miner
BAILEY Henry, 55 years; ulcers of the stomach, Mayo Y.T.; October 27, 1919, Dr. McLennan; funeral at Seattle; White Pass and Yukon Route; Steam Captain; attached clipping
BAILEY Edward, 44 years; England; heart trouble, North Fork Ditch; Sept. 14, 1928, Dr. Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; YCGC; machinist
BAIRD George, 58 years; Australia; St. Mary's Hospital; June 30, 1935, Dr.H.J.Nunn; Mr.Andrew Baird; mining, resided on Sulphur Creek
BAIRD Robert, 75 years; County Down, Scotland; St. Mary's Hospital; July 16, 1937; chapel, public cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
BAKER Geo. S.; 37 years old; Tumour of brain; N.W.M.P. Asglen; December 16, 1902; Dr. Thompson; Greene's; Yukon Gov't
BANCHE Thomas; 28 years old; Abcess in head; St. Mary's Hospital; February 14, 1902; Dr. McFarlane; St. Mary's
BANGS James; 22 years old; Ireland; Heart disease; Good Samaritan Hospital; August 2, 1904; Dr. Catto; Greene's ; E. G. Tefrell
BARBEN Clara Mrs; 32 years old; Chronic erteritis; is sleigh on way to St. Mary's Hospital from Gold Run; December 11, 1900; Dr. Jackson; Greene's; buried December 14, 2 p.m.; Rev. Grant; Yukon Gov't
BARBIN Eugene, 55 years; St.Croix, Quebec; colitis complications, St.Marys Hospital; December 15, 1919, LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Joe Godana; barber
BARETTE Adrien, 40 years; French Canadian, Quebec; ptomaine poisoning, St.Marys Hospital; May 26, 1919, LaChapelle and Culbertson; funeral at Catholic Church; Yukon Gold Company; miner
BARLAUD John; 45 years old; Paralysis; Good Samaritan Hospital; August 14, 1910; Dr. Thompson; Funeral at Presbyterian Church; Estate ; Hotel keeper
BARNABY Charles; 62 years old; Rheumatism; St. Mary's Hospital; February 7, 1906; Dr. A. Thompson; St. Mary's Chapel; Yukon Gov't
BARNES Charles Stuart, 65 years; England; suicide firearms, Dawson; May 6, 1925, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Edwards Chapel; government; student
BARRETT John; 33 years old; Waverly, Minn.; Typhoid fever; St. Mary's Hospital; September 28, 1901; Dr. Cassels; St. Mary's; N.C.Co. and Yukon Gov't
BARRETT Stephen Jr.; 11 months 21 days old; Enteritis; July 13, 1902; Dr. Thompson; Greene's; Steve Barrett; Son of Mr and Mrs Steve Barrett
BARRETT Frank; Nova Scotia; cancer, St. Mary's Hospital; Jan. 26, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour; public admin.; cook
BARRETTE Lazare; 58 years old; Capillary bronchitis; St. Mary's Hospital; July 17, 1912; Dr. Culbertson; Funeral at Catholic Chapel; Estate; Miner
BARRINGTON Capt. Ed; September 1898; Sid Barrington
BARRINGTON Elbrige; 48 years old; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; November 20, 1900; Dr. Sutherland; Greene's; Rev. Hetherington; Yukon gov't; Miner
BARRY R.W., 52 years; Ontario; accidently drowning, Nelson Island R.; Sept. 2, 1937, Coroner G. Binning; Undertakers Parlour, public cemetery; Mrs.M.Barry; barber
BARTON Thomas, 55 years; cancer of stomach, Good Samaritan Hospital; October 20, 1915, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at St.Paul's Church; George Barton; miner
BATES Infant; 6 days old; Tumour of brain; # 60 below Hunker; March 10, 1904; Dr. H. J. McCallum; William J. Bates, father, Vancouver BC
BATES Ed.; 51 years old; Paralysis from fall from wagon; Good Samaritan Hospital; November 11, 1913; Dr. Culbertson; Funeral at Chapel; Public Administrator and friends; Teamster
BAUKS Silas A.; Died February 20, 1899; C. C. Kelley
BAYER Franklin; 56 years old; Heart; St. Mary's Hospital; November 7, 1915; Dr. Chipman; Funeral at St Paul's Church; Estate; Manager
BEDE Stephen, 58 years; cancer of arm, St.Marys Hospital; July 13, 1925, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at mortuary chapel; Territory; miner
BELANGER Edward, 38 years; Quebec; tuberculosis, St.Marys Hospital; August 9, 1917, Dr.LaChapelle; Funeral at Catholic Chapel; Stanley LeBland; teamster
BELCHER Frank J.:32 years old; Pa. USA; Pneumonia; # 23 Eldorado; March 18, 1901; Dr. Cassels; Presby. Church
BELL Wm.; 40 years old; Scotland; Good Samaritan Hospital; July 3, 1907; Shipped; J. A. McMillice
BELL J. L. Sr.; Died August 9, 1899; Shipped to Whatcon, Wash.; J. L. Bell Jr.
BELL J. L. Sr.; Died December, 1898
BELL William; 40 years old; Injury, dynamite explosion in mouth; Good Samaritan Hospital; July 3, 1907; Dr. Catts; Funeral at Chapel; Mrs. Millan; Miner
BELLOS Louis (Greek); Murdered on Last Chance Creek by his partner Sarga; June 19, 1899; Coroner; Buried September 6, 1900
BENDER William; 30 years old; Cave-in in drift; # 14 left limit Hunker; March 1, 1904; Coroner Routledge; J. Vifquain
BENEYTON Antone; 68 years old; Heart failure; July 16, 1900; Dr. Edwards; Pioneer hall, 2 p.m.; Clement
BENJAMIN Indian; 35 years old; Good Samaritan Hospital; July 8, 1909; Dr. Thompson; Funeral at Moosehide; Y.I.A.
BENNETT Wilson; 45 years old; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; November 8, 1915; Dr. Chipman; Funeral at Chapel; Yukon Gov't; Barber
BERGMAN David; about 36 years old; Shot in head by elders, 12 miles Selkirk on Yukon River; June 18, 1908; Dr. Thompson; No funeral; Administrator
BERNARD William, 71 years; Scotland; St. Mary's Hospital; feb.9, 1936, Dr. Nunn; Winauts Chapel; Yukon Gov't
BERNIE Robert; 25 years old; Typhoid fever ; November 5, 1899; Dr. McDonald; Buried November 9, 2:30 p.m.; Sixow
BERNIER Joseph; 45 years; Liver trouble; St. Mary's Hospital; January 26, 1906; Dr. Lachapelle; St. Mary's ; Mrs. Bernier
BERNSIR Charles, Florence, Beatrice, Georga; Burned Hunker Creek; June 12, 1903; Shipped to Portland, Oregon; Charged to J. P. Finley Sow
BERRY James; 45 years old; Cancer of stomach; St. Mary's Hospital; May 22, 1906; Dr. Barrett; Yukon Gov't
BEST James; 52 years old; Apoplexy; # 13 below lower Dominion; August, 1903; Greene's; Yukon Gov't
BETTOLF Andrew; 37 years old; Gun shot suicide; #2 below Sulphur; July 3, 1911; Coroner Harrigan; Funeral at grave; Nelse Skitod; Miner
BETTS H.W., 51 years; Nova Scotia; Uremia, St. Mary's Hospital; Aug. 10, 1929, Dr.Rogers; St.Pauls Cathedral, Hillside Cemetery; Mr.Betts; housewife
BIDE Charles; 23 years old; Pneumonia; Sixty Mile Creek ; Lyosnnaise Syno Consession on Sixty Mile Creek; October 19, 1903; Dr. Boarke; A. Taruk
BIGGS Walter H., 72 years; Sanjose, Cal.; St. Mary's Hospital; August 13, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; Mason Lodge Dawson; miner
BIRLEY Louis, 79 years; Ontario; hypertrophy prostrate, St. Mary's Hospital; June 1, 1927, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; YOOP; carpenter
BLAIS Ernest; May 15, 1902; Public Admin.
BLAKER Wade T.; 5 years 7 months 12 days old; Pernicious malarial fever; September 1, 1905; Dr. Catto; Mr. and Mrs. Julius Blaker
BLANKENSHIP William H.; 56 years old; St. Mary's Hospital; March 31, 1903; Dr. Sutherland; J. Anderson and Sister Superior of St. Mary's
BLATCH George; 24 years old; Consumption; St. Mary's Hospital; September 9, 1911; Dr. Thompson; Funeral at grave; Yukon Gov't; Labourer
BLOCK Jessie, 21 years; Moosehide; Good Sam. Hospital; July 30, 1917, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Moosehide; Bishop Struiger
BOICH Mike, 46 years; Yugoslavia; electrocution, Intake North Fork River Ditch; Nov.9, 1930; St.Andrew's United Church, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; labourer; article attached
BOLOGH Joseph, 54 years; bucket fell in shaft, 39 below Sulphur; June 27, 1917, Major Knight; funeral at Chapel; public; miner; attached
BOLTON Harry; 40 years old; Insane; St Mary's Hospital; February 1, 1909; Dr. Thompson; No funeral ; Yukon Gov't; Miner
BONDAPLUME Paul W., 4 years; Peel River; Dr.Nunn; Moosehide Cemetery; Indian Agent
BOSSUYT Charles, 75 years; Rumbeke, West Flanders; heart trouble, St. Mary's Hospital; May 20, 1932, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Church; public admin. butcher
BOSWORTH Thiran S.; 34 years 4 months; Ballard, Wash.; St. Mary's Hospital; March 14, 1902; Dr. Cassels; Greene's ; Lived at # 8 above lower Dominion
BOWEN John W.; 28 years old; Killed coalminer; Rock Creek; August 6, 19000; Coroner Stasnes; Greene's; Tabor, Hulner, Powell; Miner
BOWER Frederick, 47 years; England; cerebro-spinal meningitis, St.Marys Hospital; April 15, 1923, Dr. Thompson; funeral at St.Paul's Church; estate; miner
BOWES William; 24 years old; Lockjaw (frozen feet); Good Samaritan Hospital; December 7, 1900; Dr.McDonald; Greene's; Alex Matheson
BOYD Ella Almera; 47 years old; Hemorrhage of brain; Caribou dominion Creek; December 5, 1903; Dr. Bell; Wife of J. G. Boyd
BOYSUTE Mrs Charles; 42 years old; St. Mary's Hospital; October 27, 1914; Dr. Lachapelle; Funeral at Catholic Church; Charles Boysute
BRACKENRIDGE William A.; 34 years old; General tuberculosis; Good Samaritan Hospital; November 10, 1900; Dr. Cassels; Greene's
BRADY Edward; 48 years old; St. Mary's Hospital; July 30, 1914; Dr. Chipman; Funeral at Catholic Chapel; George Bradenberg; Miner
BRANT Albert F.; 22 years old; Typhoid fever; St. Mary's Hospital; December 19, 1900; Dr. McArthur; Family lives in Perryville, PA; Yukon Gov't
BRASSEUR Austin, 11 years; Dawson; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.11, 1935, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Catholic Cemetery; Father and Pete Leng; Scholar; Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Brasseur
BRAUGUIN Albert John; 28 years old; Typhoid fever; St. Mary's Hospital; May 18, 1909; Dr. Barrett; Funeral at Chapel; F.O.E.; Miner
BRAZEL Robert, 45 years; accident, St.Marys Hospital; September 23, 1921, Dr.Chipman; Funeral at St.Marys Chapel; Pioneers Lodge; miner
BRAZIL John H.; 84 years old; Burned in cabin; Gavin Gulch; January 25, 1907; Coroner Douglas; Yukon Gov't
BRAZIL Thomas F.; 32 years old; St. Mary's Hospital; May 14, 1907; Dr. Barrett; Thos. O"Brien; Brother of Mrs. Thomas O'Brien
BRAZIL Thomas Y.; 32 years old; Injury head from train; St. Mary's Hospital; May 14, 1907; Dr. Barrett; Funeral at Church; T. W. O'Brian; Railroad man
BREAU Frank; Clear Creek; November 16, 1912; Funeral at Catholic Church; Yukon Gov't; Miner
BREHMIER Arnold; 41 years old; Cerebral hemorrhage; May 17, 1899; Dr. Renier; Henry Kenu
BREMNER Robert, 4 days; Dawson; St. Mary's Hospital; June 13, 1927, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; John Bremner (father)
BRENNEN Patrick J.; 30 years old; St. Mary's Hospital; August 30, 1903; Dr. Barrett; St. Mary's; H. Blecker
BREWITT William Clayton; 2 years 5 months 11 days old; Cerebrospinal meningitis; August 22, 1905; Dr. Barrett; Residence; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brewitt
BRICE John A.; 30 years old; Fever and septicaeing; June 22, 1900; Dr. Cassels; Clement
BRIMSTON Jr. Georgie, 10 or 16 years; drowned, Klondike River; May 22, 1924, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at St.Pauls Church; estate; miner
BRINDAMOUR Michael, 77 years; LaChaini; died at residence; Catholic Church, R.C. Cemetery; Pioneers and Yukon Gov't; miner
BRINSTON Mr.George, 56 years; December 10, 1867, Ireland; pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; December 25, 1923, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at St. Pauls Church; estate; Alex McCarter; sheriff of Yukon
BROCEA Myrtle; December, 1898; Woolridge
BROCHU Pierre, 48 years; French Canadian; pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; December 29, 1917, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Church; Mrs. Brochu (wife); miner
BROCKMAN Henry, 64 years; Germany; pleurisy and diffusion, St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.5, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour and Hillside Cemetery; IOOF; miner
BROGGIO Andrew, 65 years; Italy; St.Marys Hospital, July 28, 1925, Dr.Thompson; funeral at St.Marys Chapel; Louis Broggio; miner
BROMELY Henry; 29 years old; Australia; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; January 15, 1901; Dr. MacFarlane; Episcopal Church; Vernon and Yukon Gov't
BROUAND Adeland; 43 years old; Killed by slide; Last Chance; July 13, 1900; Coroner Scarth; St. Mary's Church; Clement
BROWN Geo. W.; 39 years old; Binbrook, Ont.; Cave in in drift; # 7 below discovery Bonanza; April 6, 1904; Coroner Howard; Greene's ; R. G. Paterson
BROWN Mrs.James, 65 years; Wolf Island, Ontario; apoplexy, 6 below Bonanza; June 3, 1920, Dr.Chipman; funeral at Vancouver; James Brown (husband)
BROWN John, 67 years; Antrim, Ireland; heart failure; Feb.6, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Friends; article attached
BROWN Oscar; Acute insanity; Police Hospital; August 2, 1907; Dr. Thompson; Funeral at grave; Yukon Gov't; Newspaper agent ; Clipping attached
BROWNLEE Claude, 74 years; acute encephalitis, St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.2, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
BRUHALSKI John, 68 years; Poland; Hemiplegia uremia, St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.8, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Yukon Gov't; miner
BRUNELLE Baby; Inanition; 221 6th Ave; August 21, 1915; Dr. Culbertson; Funeral at Catholic Chapel; Paul Brunelle (father)
BRYAN Edward Joseph John, 18 years 3 months; Vancouver; accident, ferry crossing; June 14, 1936, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Church; father; labourer
BUCHANAN Thomas, 48 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; August 1, 1921, Dr.Chipman; funeral at chapel; public; teamster
BUCKLEY Charlotte Mrs.; 31 years old; Consumption; St. Mary's Hospital; March 13, 1902; Dr. Barrett; Wife of John T. Buckley # 55 below Hunker
BUNDY Adelbert, 37 years; October 3, 1883; accident-auto, Bear Creek Bluff; August 3, 1920, Dr.Chipman; funeral at St.Pauls Church; Mrs. Bundy; road house keeper
BUNDY Mrs. Nellie, 54 years; acute alcoholic poisoning, cabin 3rd Ave; July 19, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; housekeeper
BUNYAN Joseph, 60 years; Guelph, Ont.; St. Mary's Hospital; June 27, 1931, Dr.Nunn; R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and YOOP; labourer
BURDICK Edward, 75 years; Phoenix, N.Y.; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.21, 1937; Catholic Church, Pioneer Cemetery; Gov't and Pioneers; barber
BURKE Gustave Edward; 49 years old; Septic peritonitis; #60 below Bonanza; August 16, 1909; Dr. Catts; Funeral at Catholic Church; Joseph Burke; Miner
BURKHARD Vivian, 3 years; Dawson; ?, home; November 25, 1923, Dr.Thompson; funeral at St.Marys chapel; C.J. Burkhard (father)
BURNS A. H.; 61 years old; Heart and kidneys; Good Samaritan Hospital; February 20, 1914; Dr. Culbertson; Funeral at Catholic Church; Dan Coats; Boiler Maker
BURNS Const.; Blood poisoning; Good Samaritan Hospital; September 3, 1903; Dr. Roberts; St. Mary's ; NWMP, Policeman
BUSH Charly, 58 years; England; ?, St.Marys Hospital; February 17, 1923, Dr.Thompson; funeral at St.Pauls Church; estate; engineer
BUSH John, 47 years; broncho pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; October 29, 1918, J.A.R. Glancy; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory; miner
BUSSOLLI Henry, 60 years; Corsica; cancer, St. Mary's Hospital; March 21, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
BUTTENHAM John, 65 years; Canada; heart trouble, Residence 6th Ave; Nov.22, 1938, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; carpenter



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