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  1907 List of Inhabitants

St. George Island


I have no further information past what you see here.  As I acquire new data, I'll link it from the person's name.  If YOU have additional material on these people, please contact me.

Anatoli Lekanoff Nicoli Nederezoff
George Lekanoff Efghenia Niderezoff
Marina Lekanoff Isidor Niderezoff
Pelagia Lekanoff Anfessia Oustigoff
Sara Lekanoff Katrina Pavloff
Seruius Lekanoff Alexandra Philimonoff
Stepan Lekanoff Andronie Philimonoff
Alexandra Lestenkoff Dimitri Philimonoff
Anna Lestenkoff Eoff Philimonoff
Constantine Lestenkoff Evadotia Philimonoff
Dimitri Lestenkoff Gregory Philimonoff
Elizabeth Lestenkoff Helena Philimonoff
Innokenty Lestenkoff Ignati Philimonoff
Michael Lestenkoff Joseph Philimonoff
Oulita Lestenkoff Julia Philimonoff
Christopher Malavansky Leonti Philimonoff
Fedosia Malavansky Malania Philimonoff
Nicoli Malavansky Marina Philimonoff
Peter Malavansky Paul Philimonoff
Ripsimia Malavansky Simeon Philimonoff
Wassie Malavansky Zenobia Philimonoff
Alexandra Merculioff Zoya Philimonoff
Alexandra Merculioff Alexander Prokopioff
Alexandra Merculioff Euphronia Prokopioff
Benjamin Merculioff Lavrenty Prokopioff
Elizabeth Merculioff Marina Prokopioff
George Merculioff Martha Prokopioff
George Jr. Merculioff Mary Prokopioff
John Merculioff Peter Prokopioff
Joseph Merculioff Stepanida Prokopioff
Lavrenty Merculioff Michael Shane
Martha Merculioff Raiesse Shane
Marvara Merculioff Agnes Swetzoff
Matrona Merculioff Gregory Swetzoff
Nicoli Merculioff Paul Swetzoff
Nicoli Merculioff Zoe Swetzoff
Parascovia Merculioff Daria Zacharoff
Peter Merculioff Emanuel Zacharoff
Sophia Merculioff Kate Zacharoff
Stepan Merculioff Mary Zacharoff
Stepanida Merculioff William Zacharoff
Wassalis Merculioff