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1870 Saint Paul List of Inhabitants


Inhabitants of Saint Paul, July 1, 1870, taken from Philip Volkov's Lists, August 8, 1873.  There are 239 people listed.

(The names in italics, present in 1870 but gone in 1873, are either dead or absent from the island at the present writing.)

1.  Philip Keemachneek; Effronseenia, his wife; Ivan, his son; Daniel, his son.

2.  Vasseele Seedoolee; Mareena, his wife; Alexsander, his son; Sylvester, his son.

3.  Eefeem Anoolanak; Matroona, his wife; Simeon, adopted son.

4.  Marka Aveelyah; Feeleechat, his wife.

5.  Peter Peeshenkov; Matroona, his wife.

6.  Ivan Eemanov; Anna, his wife; Yeagor, his son; Loobov, his step-daughter; Maxseem, his step-son; Maria, his niece.

7.  Nickolai Krukov.

8.  Peter Krukov; Agrafeena, his wife.

9.  Ivan Korchooteen; Ooleeana, his wife.

10. Yahkov Koochootin; Lookahria, his sister.

11.  Natalia Makooleena.

12.  Maria Paranchina.

13.  Keesar Shabbylean; Agrafeena, his wife; Neckon, his son.

14. Ripsimia Plottnikova; Avdotia, her daughter.

15. Prokoopee Meeseekin; Eveduxsia, his wife; Avdotin Meeseekina, his step-mother; Anna, daughter of Meeseekin.

16. Deemeetree Veatkin.

17. Evelampia Veatkin.

18. Balakshin, (Benedict); Matroona, his wife; Meexhae, his son; Balakshin, 2d (Benedict).

19. Stepan Krukow; Natalia, his wife

20. Avdokia Seeribneekova, (widow); Timofay, her son; Olga, her daughter; Paraskeevee, her daughter; Akooleena, her daughter.

21. Michael Barrhov; Malania, his wife; Agnes, his daughter; Daniel; his nephew.

22. Avdotia Schepeteenah (widow); Tahreehtee, her son; Elarie, her son; Hee-une-iah, her daughter.

23. Kerick Booterin, 1st chief; Seeg-lee-teekiah, his wife; Patalamon, his son; Kerick, his son; Salomayee, his daughter; Ooleeta, his daughter; George Booterin, his son.

24. Carp Booterin.

25. Lookariah Booterin.

26. Alexander Pancov; Porfeerie, his son; Avdotia, his step-daughter; Paraskeevie, his step-daughter.

27. Yakov Sootyahgin; Eeroadea, his wife.

28. Feedosayee Saydeek; Anesia, his wife; Anna, his daughter; Feoktista, his god-mother.

29. Dayneese Saydeck.

30. Baiz yahzeekov (Eclampia); Anna, his wife; Maria, his daughter.

31. Maroon Nakock; Paraskeevie, his wife; Zachar, his step-son; ________, nephew; Paraskeevie, niece.

32. Natalia Habaroova; Pavel Habarov, her son.

33. Paul Shies-neekov (priest); Meeh-ah-elo, his son.

34. Meeloveedova, Alexsandra (widow); Simeon, her son; Alexsandra, her daughter; Antone, her son; Marcia, her daughter.

35. Kerick Artamanov; Olga, his wife; Melania, his daughter; Vasseleesee, his daughter; Kah-sayn-yah, his daughter.

36.  Gearman Artamanov.

37. Anna Tarantayvah (widow); Anna, her daughter.

38. Stepan Bayloglazov; Yealeena, his wife; Sayrgee, his son; Anna, his daughter; Paraskeevie, his adopted girl.

39. Ermolie Cushing; Faokla, his wife; Faokla, his daughter; Oolyahuah, his daughter; Aggie Cushing, his son.

40. Antone Sootyahgen; Oolyahnah, his wife; Meetrofan, his son; Meehaie, his son.

41. Yahkov Mandrigan; Afansahia, his wife; Lookayeean, his son; Maria, his daughter.

42. Oseep Pahomov; Varvarah, his wife.

43. Maria Seedova (widow); Ahkakee, her son; _____, daughter; _____, daughter; _____, daughter; _____, daughter.

44. Alexsayee Neederazov; Akooleena, his wife; Christeena, his daughter; Agrafeena, his daughter.

45. Keer Saydeek; Yealeena, his wife; Maria, his daughter.

46. Ivan Mandrigan; Tatahyahn, his wife; Vasseelee, his son; Marfa, his daughter.

47. Feelat Teetov; Peter, his son; Yeaon, his son.

48. Yeagor Arkashav; Alexsandra, his wife; Martin, his step-son; Nekolaie, his step-son; Stepan, his step-son; Kereek, his son; Arsaynee, his son; Tatayahnah, his daughter.

49. Timofay Evanov; Fevronia, his daughter

50. Paymen Kooznitzov.

51. Oseep Baizyahzeekov; Alexsandra, his wife; Paul, his son; Kahsaynyah, his step-daughter; Avdokia, his step-daughter; Kahsaynyah, his daughter.

52. Ivan Paranchin.

53. Zaharrov Evemainov; Keereenayah, his wife; Fevronia, his daughter.

54. Ivan Hapov; Anna, sister-in-law; Alexsandra, his daughter; Ivan, his son.

55. Yeagor Korchootin.

56. Zachar Saydeck; Oosteenia, his wife; Vaseelee, his son; Marvra, his daughter; Nekon, his nephew.

57. Feelip Saydeck.

58. Philip Vollkov; Ellen, his daughter; Matroona, his daughter; Markiel Vollkov, his son.

59. Gavreelo Korchurgin; Lukaylean, his son.

60. Ivan Sootyahaen; Heeyoniah, his wife; Aneesia, his daughter.

61. Emelian Sootyahgen.

62. Marko Korchootin; Dareyah, his wife; Ivan, his son; Zeenovia, his daughter.

63. Timofay Glottov; Maria, his wife; _____, his son; Ivan, his son; Yeafeemia, his daughter.

64. Iraklin Madrigan; Oosteenie, his wife; Eeon, his son.

65. Paul Soovorrov; Vasa, his wife; _____, his son; Akyleena, his mother; Agrafeena, his adopted girl.

66. Eefeem Korchootin; Palahgayee, his wife; Peter, his son.

67. Luka Mandrigan; Eereena, his wife.

68. Neekeeta Yitchmainov; Christeena, his daughter; Domenah, his daughter; Taheesah, his daughter.

69. Ivan Yitchmamov.

70. Michael Korzerov; Alexsandra, his wife.

71. Stepan Korzerov.

72. Paul Korzerov.

73. Ivan Kozlov; Palagayah, his mother; Feodor, her son; Eveducksia, her daughter.

74. Platone Tarakanov; Marfa, his wife; Akoolena, his mother.

75. Kerick Tarakanov.

76. Domian M. Kok (John Frater); Oolyahnah, his wife; Anna, his daughter; Salomayah, Artomanov's daughter.

77. Dr. McIntyre.

78. H. W. McIntyre.

79. Dr. Cramer.

80. John M. Morton.

81. Chas. Bryant.

82. D. Webster.

83. _____ _____, a cooper.

84. _____ _____, a carpenter.




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