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Census of Sitka, October 24, 1870

In October, 1870, Major John C. Tidball, Second U. S. Artillery, then in command of the Sitka post, ordered Second Lieutenant D. C. Lyle to take a census of the civilian population of the town, excluding the Natives living in the Ranche.  In this task Lieut. Lyle was assisted by Emanuel Shirpser as Russian interpreter, William Phillipson as Indian interpreter, and Dr. J. Williams of the post medical staff.

The four men counted and recorded 391 individuals.  Presumably they did their job well and few, if any, were missed.  Where they did fail was in the accurate recording of the many Russian names.  Most of the owners of these names probably did not speak English and perhaps most of them could not write their names in Russian.  At any rate, the transliterations that were made left much to be desired.

Therefore, Russian names may not have been recording accurately.  The names appear here exactly as they appeared in the original recording.

The census did not include the more than 100 soldiers then stationed at Sitka.



Name Sex Age Birthplace Occupation Remarks
Abovi, Pitkae M 20 Kodiak Laborer Residence No. 62
Agersoff, Peter M 25 Sitka Blacksmith Residence No. 62
Alaloff, Ivan M 35 Kodiak Laborer  
Alexander, Katrina F 22 Kodiak Prostitute Residence No. 90; lives with Ludecker
Alexander, Anastasia F 14 Kodiak Prostitute Formerly kept by Richter; he deserted her
Allula, Vassila M 35 Kodiak Laborer Residence No. 62
Allula, Mervin F 33 Kodiak Seamstress Wife of above
Arnheim, William S. M        
Balshin, Theophil M 33 Bering Island Sawyer Works at Fuller sawmill; residence No. 62 (sick)
Balshin, Maria F 4 Sitka Child Daughter of above
Balshin, Natallana F 27 Sitka Laundress Wife of above
Balshin, Benedict M 8 mo Sitka Child Son of above
  Note: This was probably the Bolshanin family.  Another son, Nicholas, sometime after 1900 entered the Customs Service and was stationed at Unalaska, then Sitka, as Deputy Collector.  The people listed as "Borshima: were probably part of the same family.  
Bergamin, Alexandrina F 30 Unalaska Prostitute Residence No. 59
Bergamin, Maria F 20 Sitka Posttitute Residence No. 59
Bergamin, Minedora F 10 Sitka Child Residence No. 59
Bergamin, Maria F 18 mo Sitka Child Residence No. 59; of Alex Kuratoff who was captain of a brig.
Bergman, Isaac M 38 Bavaria Butcher Business place and residence, No. 34
Bergman, Ida F 24 Bavaria Wife Houser clean, comfortable, handsomely fixed
  Note: This was the landlord of the Franklin party, and not too well regarded by Miss Cracroft, who spelled the name Berghem.  Although his residence and place of business, No. 34, were on Lincoln Street where the Sitka Bazaar now stands, he also built a market farther along the street near the present Yukon Office Supply building.  
Borshima, Alos M 43 Bering Island Janitor at the Church Residence No. 81
Borshima, Pollagy F 40 Sitka Servant at the Hospital Residence No. 81
Brady, G. W. M 44 Wash. Terr. Grocer Business and residence No. 31
Brady, Elizabeth F 35 Ireland Wife Residence No. 31
Brady, Blanche F 8 Fort Vancouver Child Daughter of above
Brady, Clementine F 6 Idaho Child Daughter of above
Brady, Frank M 4 Fort Vancouver Child Son of Above
  Note:  G. W. (for George Washington?) Brady, known as "Wash" Brady, was an early arrival at Sitka after the transfer, and perhaps came with the Army.  He signed the Sitka Charter of November 11, 1867, and later served on the City Council.  Listed in the Census as a grocer, he also operated a saloon and billiard saloon at times, his place of business being "on Beehive Street, on the right of the gate leading to the old Russian Garden."  Beehive Street later became Race Street, Brady did some prospecting and was described by the Alaska Times as "an old and experienced miner."  He was not related to either Lieut. Colonel G. K. Brady, who was in command of the Sitka post, or to John Green Brady who arrived in 1878 as a Presbyterian missionary and latter became the fifth governor of Alaska.  
Brady, Oscar S. M 50 Connecticut Steward for H. Kinkead Residence with Kinkead
Burns, Patrick M 30 Ireland Sawyer Residence No. 53
Burns, Eliza F 26 Ireland Wife Residence No. 53
Burns, Mary Ann F 7 Washington, D. C. Child Residence No. 53
Burns, John K. M 3 Nevada Child Residence No. 53
Burns, Charles J. M 16 mo. Sitka Child Residence No. 53
  Note:  Burns, in addition to whatever work he did as a sawyer, was employed occasionally by the Customs Service and in later years operated a drayage business.  The family left Sitka for a short while during the Indian scare of 1879, but soon returned and Burs built a house with a conical tower on the hill near the Russian Cemetery.  He also built a business building on Lincoln Street near the sawmill.  This became the Bernard Hirst store in 1897 and the John Peterson store in the 1920s.  A daughter, Elizabeth, not shown in the Census, married a Marine sergeant named George Barron and upon his retirement ran a merchandise business next to the Lutheran Church on Lincoln Street.  
Caplan, Laran M 36 Turkey Merchant  
  Note: The correct spelling of his given name was Lezar.  He was a Sitka in November, 1867, when he signed the town charter.  In 1879 he had a store in Wrangell but in February, 1881, was back at Sitka with a wife, Mary, and three children, ages 8, 5, and 2.  After the discover of gold at Juneau he bought a building near the foot of Main Street there and opened a store, but seems to have returned to Sitka after a few months.  In the later 1880s Mrs. Caplan was operating a general store at Sitka and was apparently a widow.  
Cashavaroff, Peter M 23 Sitka Clerk Works at No. 32, Ulrich bakery
Cashavaroff, Natolla F 50 Kodiak   Residence No. 45
Cashavaroff, Ophem F 11 Sitka Child Residence No. 45
Cashavaroff, Olga F 16 Sitka Grass widow Her husband is a sailor and at sea; very neat.
  Note:  The four persons above were members of the numerous Kashevaroff family, the best known member of which was the Rev. A. P. Kashevaroff, long curator of the Alaska Historical Library and Museum.  The listings below as Coshovaroff and Coshuroroff may have been members of the same family.  
Cazian, A. M 44 Slavonia Trader  
  Note:  This was Antonio Cozian, longtime captain of trading schooners and pilot of steamboats in Southeastern Alaska waters.  He may have been in the employ of the Russian-American Company before the transfer.  Cozian Reef in Peril Strait was ame for him.  
Cheranoff, Peter M 29 Sitka Lock maker Residence No. 62; no work.
Cheranoff, Anna F 28 Sitka Laundress Residence No. 62
Cheranof, Japan (Stephen?) M 3 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Chechnoff, Nicoli M 37 Sitka Laborer Residence at The Beehive, No. 44
Cheremoff, Alexander M 28 Sitka Machinist Works at Fuller's Mill; residence No. 65
Cheremoff, Mary F 31 Kodiak Laundress Residence No. 65
Chernovi, Marsha F 40 Kodiak   Sickly and destitute
Chilbalka, Iolean M 31 Kodiak Tar manufacturer Residence No. 62
Chilbalka, Abeldosha F 31 Unalaska   Residence No. 62
Chirchinoff, Elisha M 62 Kodiak Clerk Works for the Russian Company
Chornoff, Ivan M 11 Sitka Child Adopted
Clark, John M 29 Montreal Carpenter Employed at No. 59; worthless, lazy ex-soldier
Cohen, A. M 44 Prussia Brewer Business and residence at No. 67
  Note:  Abraham Cohen reportedly had owned a brewery in Cariboo, B. C., during the gold excitement of the 1860s, then lived at Victoria and San Francisco before arriving in Sitka in 1868.  He was joined by his wife and five of his seven children at some subsequent date and operated the Sitka Brewery until his death in October, 1892.  Daughter Henrietta was Sitka's postmaster for a time in 1885, then married Dr. H. S. Wyman, formerly at Sitka with the Navy and then a resident of Juneau.  Daughter Augusta married Lieutenant Robert Coontz of the Pinta.  He eventually became Admiral Coontz.  Daughter Pauline served as Sitka postmaster from 1890 until 1900 and married Alexander Archangelsky, a mining engineer who had charge of developing the Chichagoff Mine.  In 1881 Cohen opened a brewery at Juneau and placed it in charge of his son, Mark.  Another son, Aaron, died while working at the Juneau brewery.  
Cole, Martin M 24 New Jersey Machinist Residence No. 62
Corcoran, Patrick M 33 Ireland Clerk Employed at the Custom House and lives there
  Note:  Corcoran arrived at Sitka early enough to sign the city charter on November 11, 1867.  He worked at various stores, the joined the Customs Service and for a time was in charge of the office at Fort Tongass.  He resigned to join the Cassiar gold rush, then returned to Sitka to operate first a saloon, then a general store.  In 1881 he moved to the new gold camp, Juneau, and ran a store there until his death on January 21, 1887.  He left a widow and four children.  
Coshovaroff, Julia F 18 Sitka   Residence No. 35
Coshuroroff, Vassilla M 28 Atka Deacon Residence No. 35
Coshuroroff, Katrina F 28 Sitka Wife Residence No. 35
Coshuroroff, Natalla F 4 Sitka Child Residence No. 35
Coshuroroff, Katrina F 3 Sitka Child Residence No. 35
Dahlstrom, Enarkenta M 15 Sitka Orphan Adopted by Luvalla Tienta
Danskin, Theodore M 28 Sitka Sailmaker Residence No. 65
Danskin, Dutchanna F 22 Kenai Laundress Residence No. 65
Dennis, J. C. M 28 New Jersey Clerk Works and resides at the Custom House
Dourill, James M 50 New York Saloon keeper Residence No. 91
Duncan, William M 29 Holland Saloon Business and residence at No. 59.  Bilk of worst kind; utterly worthless
Dunlap, William M 34 Scotland Carpenter Residence at the Store house
Dutch Anna F 17 Atka Island Prostitute Residence No. 104
Elanpioff, Charles M 34 Russian Carpenter Residence No. 78
Elgin, Alexander M 32 Finland Machinist Residence No. 101
Ephanoff, Ivan M 75 Russia Cook Residence No. 62
Ephanoff, Tab ona F 36 California Seamstress Residence No. 62
Ephanoff, Vasilla M 12 Sitka Thief & rascal Residence No. 62
Ephanoff, Medezga F 10 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Evanovanhoff, Lizze F 26 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 100
Evans, Charles M 27 Wash. Terr. Laborer Residence at Sitka House; ex-soldier, keeps a klooch
Federvitch, Ivan M 29 Sitka Tailor Residence No. 83
Federvitch, Anesa F 48 California Wife and laundress Residence No. 83
Feokoli, Ellama F 33 Sitka None Residence No. 62; a widow
Feokoli, Alexis M 11 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Flannery, David M 32 Ireland Blacksmith Residence at the Club House
  Note:  Flannery served in the Civil War and landed at Sitka in 1867 with the first American troops.  He was present at the ceremony of transfer as a first sergeant.  Following his discharge from the Army he stayed at Sitka as a clerk in the Quartermaster Department until October, 1870, when he joined the Customs Service.  He was sent to Wrangell and went to Juneau in 1881, staked some claims and entered the hotel business.  The last mention found of him was in December, 1901, when he was living in an Old Soldier's Home near San Francisco.  
Forney, Jim M 25 Cook Inlet Baker Residence at the Billiard saloon
Francis, Ed H. M 21 Illinois Clerk Works for Whitford and residence the same
Franklin, Henry S. M 27 New Hampshire Barber Residence at No. 45; an ex-soldier
Friede, Henry M 30 Prussia Merchant No number on store
Frederich, George M 46 Finland Machninst Residence at No. 100 (filthy)
Fronan, George M 46 Bavaria Merchant  
Fuller, Eugene M 21 Connecticut Carpenter Residence at No. 65; ex-soldier
Fuller, John A. M 26 England Druggist & Postmaster Business and residence at No. 27
Fuller, Catherine F 36 New York Wife  
Gallavanoff, Makeffa M 51 Moscow Clewrk Residence No. 90
Gascoi, Varsilina F 49 Kenai Knitting Residence No. 62
Gascoi, Katrina F 16 Kenai Knitting Residence No. 62
Goese, Fritz M 30 Bavaria Brewer At Sitka Breewery
Goldstein, Samuel M 34 Prussia Merchant Business and residence at No. 36
  Note:  During the Cassiar Rush, around 1874, Goldstein moved to Wrangell for a time, then returned to Sitka.  A city lot was claimed for him at the new camp of Juneau in December, 1880, but he apparently did not prove upon it.  He was not related to the Goldstein family that later was prominent in Juneau.  
Gregori, Michels M 21 Sitka Laborer Residence No. 62
Gregori, Anastosia GF 14 Sitka   Residence No. 62
Griffin, James M 39 England Saloon Little low grog shop; keeps a squaw, Kokotoka
Griffin, Vasilla M 2 Sitka Child Son of Griffin and Kokotoka
Groves, Thomas M. M 34 Jamaica Saddler, cook & steward for the Cyane Residence No. 41
Groves, Martha E. F 20 Wash., D. C. Laundress for Cyane Colored couple; freshly married
Gusoff, Tedero M 32 Russia Upholsterer House is 6 by 8 feet, dirty
Haffindale, C. M 23 St. Louis Saloonkeeper No number
Haffindale, Marsha F 19 Liberia Prostitute Supported by above
Hantsoff, Jacob M 29 Sitka Laborer Residence No. 83
Hantsoff, Matrona F 18 Sitka Laundress Residence No. 83
Henderson, David M 39 Maryland Carpenter Residence No. 66
Henderson, William M 40 Mississippi Carpenter Ex-soldier
Holstead, E. A. M 37 Finland Engineer Residence No. 37
Holstead, Katrina F 35 Sitka Wife Residence No. 37
Holstead, Afodlka F 13 Kodiak Child Residence No. 37
  Note:  The family name was usually rendered Haltern.  He may have been an employee of the Russian-American Company.  The family home and place of business was purchased from the Russian-American Company in December, 1868.  Haltern was master of the trading schooner Sweepstakes which operated out of Sitka in 1868-69.  Later he acquired the old Russian sawmill which was known was known for many years as the Haltern mill.  In 1877 and 1878 Haltern  served as Sitka's postmaster.  He left Sitka about 1885 to travel for his health but returned in 1889 on a brief visit.  
Ignaoff, Macar M 45 Kodiak Ship carpenter Residence No. 62
Ikanoff, Andres M 33 Finland Carpenter Residence at No. 101 (filthy)
Isulkoff, Ivan M 52 Yukon Interpreter Formerly worked for Russian-American Company
Ivalkanda, Herman M 29 Sitka Engineer and laborer  
Ivalkanda, Mana F 20   Laundress  
Ivanoff, Dernan M 37 Russia Laborer Residence No. 62
Ivanon, Mary F 18 Sitka Prostitute Residence no. 62
Ivanon, Anooski F 21 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62
Ivanon, Matrona F 26 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62
Jones, Edward M 47 New Brunswick Saloonkeeper Business and residence at No. 66
Kahn, Albert M 42 Wirtemburg Clerk in Quartermaster Residence at Club House
Kadslavanski, Paul M 31 Russia Chief Priest Residence No. 103
Kapus, William M 36 Germany Collector of Customs Residence at the Club House
Karolin, Simeon M 40 Russia Laborer Residence No. 62
Kariloff, Paul M 32 St. Petersburg Carpenter Residence No. 78
Katoon, Polly F 20 Sitka    
Katoon, Alex M 8 mo. Sitka   Child by a former man
Kerwin, Cornelius M 23 At sea Merchant and saloon Ex-soldier
Kinkead, J. H. M 43 Pennsylvania Merchant Business and residence No. 25
Kinkead, Lizzie F 32 Ohio Wife  
Kinkead, Charles M 39 Ohio Merchant Brother of J. H.
Kinsley, ---- M        
Klotomoonk, Maria F 15 Sitka Orphan Residence No. 62
Klotomoonk, Catrina F 12 Sitka Orphan Residence No. 62
Klotomoonk, Uregengay F 9 Sitka Orphan Residence No. 62
Klotomoonk, Matrona F 8 Sitka Orphan Residence No. 62
Koboshoff, Demilla M 36 Kodiak Sawyer Residence No. 62
Koboshoff, Abdelka F 23 Sitka Wife Residence No. 62
Koboshoff, Martin M 6 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Kkoboshoff, Maria F 6 mo. Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Kobuchatchin, Marin F 90 Sitka   Residence No. 62
Kobuchatchin, Alexandrina F 30 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62
Koh-log-u F 18 Unknown Prostitute Kept by Lewas
Kokotoka, Anaska F 25 Takoo Island Prostitute Kept by Griffin
Konoliloff F 14 Sitka Orphan Residence at No. 109, supported by the pilot
Kosnikoff, Ivan M 38 Russia Tailor Residence No. 62
Knosnikoff, Duchana F 36 Kamchatka Laundress Residence No. 62
Kosnikoff, Nadie F 7 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Kosnikoff, Valadini M 6 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Kosnikoff, Anna F 2 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
  Note:  The usual spelling of this family name was Kasnikoff.  Nadie became Mrs. H. L. Bahrt and in time became known as Grandma Bahrt.  Her brother John may have been the Valadini listed here.  
Koratsina, Anna F 37 Sitka Prostitute Kept by Franklin, or she keeps him.  She says he gets drunk on her daughter's wages.  Residence No. 44
Koratsina, Anna F 14 Sitka Nurse at St. Barrowe's Residence No. 44
Korrestin, Anna F 70 Kodiak   Weakly, destitute
Kostranistoff, Amelia F 38 Sitka Midwife Residence at No. 50.  House clean; have many dances
Kostranistoff, Sirega M 16 Sitka Clerk Works at Troman's; lives at No. 58
Kostranistoff, Nedezda F 13 Kodiak Child Residence No. 58
Kostranisoff, Pedro M 11 Kodiak Child Residence No. 58
  Note:  The family name was actually spelled Kostrometinoff.  The mother, familiarly called Anna, was the widow of J. S. Kostremetinoff, the Russian-American Company agent at Kodiak.  He had been killed in 1859 when he fell while boarding one of the ice ships at Kodiak.  She had been raised in the family of Chief Manager Etholin at Sitka.  She died at Sitka on March 10, 1907.  Sirega or Sergius was known to most Americans as George.  He seems to have had a natural talent as linguist and was often called upon as a translator of Native languages.  In this capacity, he was so valuable to the American authorities that it was sometimes said that the odd $200,000 in the Alaska purchase price was for the purpose of acquiring George Kostrometinoff.  He operated a general store for some years immediately behind the present Cathedral Apartments, and served as warden of St. Michael's Cathedral.  He married Miss Natalia Kashevaroff in August, 1887, and the couple had a son and a daughter.  George became Father Sergius when he was ordained about 1911, and in 1914 he was made an archpriest.  He died of cancer at Seattle in March, 1915, and was buried beneath the floor of St. Michael's.  The daughter, Nedezda, married and lived for many years at Portland, Oregon.  Pedro, or Peter, the youngest, was the last surviving member of the original family at Sitka and he also was connected with St. Michael's and conducted the tourist tours there for many years.  
Kulhtoff, Muhalla M 28 Sitka Sailor Residence No. 62
Kushoff, William M 35 Russia Saloonkeeper and carpenter  
Labadoff, Anna F 10 Sitka   Adopted child at Dr. Ensign's
Lagastoff, Maria F 21 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62
Lalomatoff, Olga F 11 Sitka Child Residence No. 35
Larianoff, Platian M 43 California Tinsmith Residence No. 44
Larianoff, Alitiona F 29 Sitka Wife Residence No. 44
Larianoff, Anna F 13 Sitka Child Residence No. 44
Laroolken, Yakoff M 50 Sitka Pilot Residence No. 109
Laroolken, Tedocia F 50 Sitka Pilot Residence No. 109
Laroolken, Katherine F 19 Sitka Daughter Residence No. 109
Laubenberger, Jacob M 22 United States Carpenter New house beyond the creek; small and dirty
Lawson, Ivan M 37 England Sailor Residence in small cabin
Lawson, Manga F 19 Unknown Squaw Kept by Lawson
Lemburg, Robert M 45 California Tailor Residence No. 62
Lemburg, Seraphina F 30 Unalaska Laundress Residence No. 62
Linkfonstin, Vasilla M 35 Sitka Clerk in saloon Residence No. 82
Linkfonstin, Anna F 41 Unalaska   Residence No. 82
Linkfonstin, Peter M 31 Sitka Clerk  
Linkfonstin, Alexandria F 16 Laundress    
Linkfonstin, Eugenia F 15 Sitka Laundress  
Linkfonstin, Simeon M 8 Sitka Child  
Liokoff, John M     Laborer Residence No. 62
Liokoff, Pollogay F   New York Prostitute Residence No. 62
Lovistiana, Varravarra F 43 Kodiak   Residence No. 62
Lovistiana, Marsha F 18 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62
Ludecker, Edward M 36 Prussia Baker Ex-soldier
  Note:  The name was properly Ludecke and he arrived in Sitka with the first U. S. troops and was a member of the color guard that hosted the American flag on October 18, 1867.  He had enlisted in the Army in 1866, in New Jersey, immediately after arriving from Germany.  Following his discharge at Sitka, he remained there until about 1873 when he went to the Cassiar mining district of British Columbia and stayed there for several years.  He then settled in Wrangell.  On October 28, 1913 he entered the Pioneer's Home where he was a favorite of small boys as he whittled toys of wood and made them whistles of bamboo or eagle's claws.  He died May 27, 1920, and was buried at Wrangell.  
Luganoff, Alexander M   Sitka Tinsmith Lazy, worthless; in the guardhouse for selling whisky to Indians
Luganoff, Anna F 20 Sitka Wife and Prostitute  
McCahy, Richard M 38 Ireland Shoemaker Ex-soldier
McDermott, ---- M        
MacKnight, George R. M 32 Wash., D. C. Deputy Collector Residence at the Club House
Mahony, Frank M 42 Ireland Billard saloon  
Malakoff, Maria F 50 Kodiak   Has a son at Bristol Bay in employ of Tiller & Co. (probably intended for Tittle & Col, a trading firm)
Markoff, Varackage M 34 Unalaska Coppersmith Residence No. 62
Markoff, Yrena F 27 Unalaska Laundress and seamstress Residence No. 62
Mechouski, Michael M 37 Russia Laborer  
Medra, Sepagen M 38 St. Petersburg Clerk Retired by Russian-American Co., receives a pension
Medra, Olympiada F 30 Sitka Wife Residence No. 99
Medra, Oiodshea F 11 Sitka Child Residence No. 99
Medra, Lanish M 9 Sitka Child Residence No. 99
Medra, Anna F 8 Sitka Child Residence No. 99
Medra, Marsuna M 3 Sitka Child Residence No. 99
Medra, Volidinciol M 2 Sitka Child Residence No. 99
Melvin, Henry M 37 Jamaica Seaman Negro
Mesigona, Julia F 12 Sitka `Child Adopted by Bordakoff; residence at No. 92
Michiloff, Ivanoff M 36 Russia Sailor Formerly kept by Lizzie Evanovanoff but deserted her
Miletich, Alexander M 25 Austria Saloonkeeper  
Miletich, Samuel M 52 Austria Saloonkeeper  
  Note:  This was probably a father and son, but that is not certain.  Samuel Miletich came to America at age 17, mined successfully in California and headed north for the Fraser River gold rush in the late 1850s.  He then lived at Victoria until 1867 when he moved to Sitka in time to sign the city charter in November.  He put up a building and operated a billiard hall in in for many years, retiring about 1885.  He died at Sitka in May, 1889.  Alexander Miletich was said to have arrived in Sitka in 1869.  In 1876 he was deputy Collector of Customs at Fort Tongass but by 1880 was back running a saloon in Sitka and when gold was discovered at Juneau he staked a placer claim and a town lot but did not prove up to either one.  The last known of him was in May, 1881, when his place of business at Sitka was raided and a quantity of liquor was seized.  
Murphy, Catherine F 31 Ireland Teacher Residence No. 51
Murphy, George M 11 Maine Child Residence No. 51
Murphy, Mary F 13 Maine Child Residence No. 51
Murphy, Frank M 6 New Mexico Child Residence No. 51
Murphy, Henry M 2 Sitka Child First America child to be born in Sitka
  Note:  The husband and father had recently left for Seattle, taking his newspaper with him.  He was Thomas Murphy.  
Myers, Charles M 30 Wirtemburg Saloonkeeper Lazarac Saloon
Narrisoff, Paril M 13 Sitka Child Residence No. 33
Nekofa, Paraskafi F 20 Unalaska Servant, prostitute Residence No. 79; orphan
Nervorth, Fred M 30 Prussia Saloonkeeper Bursiness and residence at No. 89; ex-soldier
Neshoffski, Anna F 75 Siberia   Residence No. 81; blind and destitute
Neshmoffski, Platin M 40 Sitka Laborer Residence No. 81; son of Anna
Nicholi M   Unknown   Orphan, family not known; lives at No. 62 with Ephanoffs
Nicholson, Andrew M 40 Finland Turner Residence No. 101
Oashin, Stephen M 40 St. Petersburg Clerk Residence No. 39
  Note:  It is believed the correct spelling of the name was Ushin and that it was he who kept a detailed diary of events in Sitka over a long period.  Mrs. Antoinette Shalkop of Anchorage has worked at translating the diary to English.  
Orloff, Ivan M 29 Kenai Shoemaker Residence No. 62
Orloff, Parvil M 9 Sitka Child Grandchild of Yufuria Yarloff; residence No. 84
Orr, Johnny M        
Pamloff, Tedero M 41 Russia Labor (brewers) Residence No. 62
Paphoff, Anika M 37 Russia Carpenter Residence No. 101
Parakoff, Maracolm M 30 Kenai Ship carpenter Residence No. 44
Parakoff, Eugenia F 29 Kenai Laundress & seamstress Residence No. 44
Parakoff, Katrina F 4 Sitka Child Residence No. 44
Paramanoff, Ivan M 56 Sitka Fisherman & sailmaker Residence No. 115
Paramanoff, Irena F 46 Sitka laundress Residence No. 115
Paramanoff, Nortacha F 21 Sitka Laundress Residence No. 115.  Once married; left by husband, kept by hospital steward.
Paramanoff, Parocovi F 20 Sitka Laundress Residence No. 115
Paramanoff, Alexander M 18 Sitka Fisherman Residence No. 115
Paramanoff, Anna F 11 Sitka Child Residence No. 115
Paramanoff, Gorilla M 7 Sitka Child Residence No. 115
Paramanoff, Nichola M 6 Sitka Child Residence No. 115
Paramanoff, Jacob M 4 Sitka Child Residence No. 115
Paramanoff, Polly F 30 Sitka Servant at St. Barrowe Residence No. 79; widow
Paramanoff, Anna F 12 Sitka Child Residence No. 79
Paramanoff, Ivan M 5 Sitka Child Residence No. 79
Paramanoff, Vladimer M 2 Sitka Child Residence No. 79
  Note:  The correct spelling of the family name was probably Panamarkoff.  
Paroski, Irean F 101 Unknown   Residence No. 62
Pelitin, Luki M 48 Unalaska Fireman Residence No. 62
Pelitin, Ellkenida F 34 Sitka Servant Residence No. 62
Petil, Ivan M 24 Sitka Sailor Lives on an island in the harbor
Petil, Maria F 20 Kodiak Wife Destitute, gets little or nothing from her husband; residence No. 44
Petil, Katrina F 1 mo. Sitka Child Residence No. 44
Petil, Laff M 59 Sitka Nothing Old, decrepit; residence No. 44
Phenoloska, Hollan M 45 Kodiak Seaman No work
Penoloska, Anna F 42 Sitka Wife  
Philipson, William M 26 Spain Clerk Works for Kinkead; residence No. 106
Philipson, Irena F 21 Sitka Wife Residence No. 106
Philipson, Alex A. M 8 mo. Sitka Child Residence No. 106
  Note:  Philipson (or Phillipson, as it is spelled in other records) assisted Lieut. Lyle in taking this census, acting as interpreter.  He served as postmaster at Sitka from august 14, 1871, when he succeeded John A. Fuller, until his death on November 2, 1877.  During some of those years, he was also in charge of the Navy coal depot on Japonski Island.  In 1876, he was running a drug store and was also listed as "wholesales and retail dealer in dry goods, groceries, clothing, hardware, tobacco, furs and skins, seal and whale oil.  
Putshukoff, Ivan M 47 Kodiak Tanner Residence No. 62
Putshukoff, Natala F 28 Sitka Wife Residence No. 62
Putshukoff, Alexander M 20 Sitka Bartender Residence No. 62
Putshukoff, Teodor M 6 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Rankin, Ilea M 20 Sitka Tailor Residence No. 62
Rankin, Tekana F 24 Sitka Prostitute Kept by John C. Clark; residence No. 62
Rankin, Pette M 5 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Richter, Albert M 40 Prussia Bakery & restaurant  
Riskosoff, Ivan M 19 Sitka Servant Residence No. 103
Rodolphe, Marcus M 39 Wirtemburg Merchant Business & residence at No. 34
Rodolphe, Fannie F 29 Bavaria Wife Residence No. 34
Rodolphe, Josephine F 15 mo. Sitka Child Residence No. 34
  Note:  The family name is spelled Rudolph in other records.  Marcus Rudolph was one of Sitka's principal businessmen at this time and owned a brewery and an interest in another, as well as his merchandise business.  
Safginoff, Pavil M 26 Sitka Servant At the pilot's
Salamatoff, Morie M 27 Atka Island Priest Residence No. 114
Salamatoff, Ynekoff F 31 Siberia Wife Residence No. 114
Salamatoff, Falkle F 47 Atka Island   Mother of priest; residence No. 114
Salkeloff, Simeon M 39 Atka island Deacon Residence No. 108
Salkeloff, Olga F 31 Kodiak Wife Residence No. 108
Salkeloff, Calampa M 7 Sitka Child Residence No. 108
Salkeloff, Sirega M 4 Sitka Child Residence No. 108
  Note:  The older of the two children was known as Kalampy, sometimes as Harlampy Sokoloff.  The big slide on the mountain at the left of the entrance to Silver Bay was known to old-timers as Kalampy's slide and was said to have been started by his efforts to escape from a bear.  He was an employee of the herring reduction plant at Killisnoo for many years.  
Samakoff, Nichols M 67 Sitka Ship caulker Residence No. 62
Samakoff, Anastosia F 48 Sitka Laundress & seamstress Residence No. 62
Samakoff, Vasilla M 13 Sitka Child Residence o. 62
Samakoff, Anna F 12 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Samakoff, Kotska F 3 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Sapaloff, Anna F 20 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 44
Sapaloff, Anna F 9 mo. Sitka Child Residence No. 44
Saranoff, Ivan M 21 Kodiak Clerk & porter Residence No. 108; brother-in-law of Simeon Salkeloff
Saranoff, Mathias M 38 Sitka Tailor Residence No. 62
Saranoff, Afdolky F 28 Sitka Wife Residence No. 62
Saullion, Salescape M 40 Sitka Shoemaker Residence No. 62; worthless; ran away and left wife and children.
Saullion, Anna F 30 Sitka Wife Residence No. 62
Saullion, Katrina F 5 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Schmeig, James M 25 Baden Saloonkeeper Lazarac saloon, with Myers
  Note:  Schmeig was a pharmacist and came to Sitka in 1867, perhaps with the Army.  He lived at various times at Kenai, Kodiak, Fort Wrangell and Sitka, all of which had Army posts until 1870.  He married Julia Coshovaroff (Kashevaroff) and they had six children.  In 1880 he was running a drug store at Sitka but left soon afterward for the new mining camp of Juneau where he operated a drug store on Second Street until his death on January 22, 1892.  
Schwarsoff, Fredocia F 30 Kodiak Servant Works at Kostrometinoffs.  Residence No. 58
Sepanoff, Seregy M 50 Russia Laborer Residence No. 62
Shaut, Christian M 26 Denmark Butcher Residence No. 66; ex-soldier
Sheboroff, Leon M 39 Sitka Sailmaker & caulker Residence No. 62
Sheboroff, Alexander M 8 mo. Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Sheboroff, Maria F 18 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62
Sheshkin, Vasilla M 56 Atka Priest Residence No. 104
Sheskin, Vasilla M 31 Unalaska Clerk at the Church Residence No. 105
Shirpser, Emanuel M 25 Poland Merchant  
  Note:  This was one of three brothers who engaged in business in Alaska in the 1860s and 1870s.  David, who had been in business at Victoria since 1861, arrived at Sitka in May, 1867, and set up a merchandise business as soon as possible.  He was joined by Emanuel before November, 1867, when both men signed the Sitka charter.  When business began to go slack at Sitka, instead of returning south as so many merchants did, they branched out to the north.  With another brother, Herman, they joined an experienced fur trader, Abraham Haritonoff, in trading for furs around Kodiak Island and Cook Inlet and were fairly successful as rivals of the big Alaska Commercial Company.  But the company of Shirpser, Haritonoff & Company suffered a number of blows in the 1870s.  Herman died in 1873.  Then near the end of 1875 the company schooner Urania left Kodiak for San Francisco with a load of furs and a number of passengers, including both David and Emanuel Shirpser and C. Haritonoff.  The vessel was never heard from again and the company not long afterward went out of existence.  
Shomokoff, Mary F 48 California Laundress & midwife Residence No. 65
Shomokoff, Constantine M 20 Sitka Laborer Residence No. 65
Shomokoff, Anna F 17 Sitka Laundress Residence No. 65
Shomokoff, Vasilla M 14 Sitka Child Residence No. 65
Shomokoff, Alexander M 1 mo. Sitka Child Residence No. 65
Sinatusoff, Ivan M 70 Unalaska Cook Residence No. 86; formerly employed by russian-American Company
Sinatusoff, Yorosky F 64 Siberia Wife Residence No. 86
Sinatusoff, Nichoff M 27 Sitka Wife Residence No. 86
Sligistoff, Vasilla M 56 Siberia Fiddler Residence No. 98; a worthless drunk
Sligistoff, Ofanasin M 22 Sitka Nothing No account son of the above
Sligistoff, Natulla F 11 Sitka Daughter Residence No. 98
Sligistoff, Laura F 7 Sitka Daughter Residence No. 98
  Note:  One Sligistoff, perhaps Ofanasin, lasted into the 1920s and was one of the town "characters," commonly known as "Snickle Fritz."  
Sobelan, Vasila M 44 Unalaska Priest Residence No. 103
Sobelan, Marsha F 18 Unalaska Daughter Residence No. 103
Spanier, Henry M 47 Hanover Merchant  
Spencer, S. A. M 36 Connecticut Carpenter Residence at the Club House; works at the Quartermaster Department
Stephen, Charles M 46 Canada Sawyer Residence No. 101
Steward, Tom M 39 Martinique Cook Works for Richter; Negro
Talgesup, Mickoff M 58 Calfiornia Herder Residence No. 62; destitute
Talgesup, Aman F 45 Kenai Toy manufacturer Residence No. 62
Talgesup, Maria F 20 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62
Talgesup, Marsha F 17 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62
Talgesup, Paril M 1-1/2 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Talsoff, Nichali M 27 Sitka Fisherman Residence No. 62
Talsoff, Andreanoff M 25 Kamchatka Nurse Residence No. 62; formerly in Russian-American Company hospital
Tefanakoff, Alexandrina F 31 Sitka Laundress & seamstress Residence No. 85; widow
Tefanakoff, Jannie F 15 Sitka Servant Child by Capt. Wabome of Hutchinson, Kohl & Co.; left without support
Tefanakoff, Alexander M 9 Sitka Child Residence No. 85
Tefanakoff, Johyn M 3 Sitka Child Residence No. 85
Tefanakoff, Anna F 2 Sitka Child Residence No. 85
Thin, Henry M 25 Saxony Laborer Works for Whitford & Co.; residence same
Thompson, Wiliam M 40 Scotland Cook Residence No. 91
Tieanta, Luvalla M 39 Russia Baker Residence No. 62
Timafer, Nedezda F 90 California   Destitute
Tomonlia, Anna F 33 California   Residence No. 81
Tomonlia, Anna F 1 Sitka   Residence No. 81
Trip, ---- M     Carpenter at Quartermaster Department  
Ulrich, John M 27 Wirtemburg Baker Residence and business at No. 32
Upatapovi, Maria F 45 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62; destitute
Utiloba, Matrona F 26 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62
Valasov, Maria F 35 Unalaska Prostitute Residence No. 85; widow
Valasov, Fred M 15 Unalaska Son Residence No. 85; lazy
Vanakoff, Aodentiha F 40 Kenai Prostitute Residence No. 62; destitute
Vanakoff, Pollagy F 16 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62
Vapin, Feokli M 7 Sitka Child Residence No. 33
Vasilla, Aforsinid F 18 Sitka Laundress Residence No. 92; adopted child of Bostokoff
Vassilla, Afdotsha F 43 Sitka Widow Residence No. 62; destitute
Vassilla, Jokar M 13 Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Vatoff, Lizzie F 22 Alaska Prostitute Residence No. 84; destitute
Vozikoff, Gregory M 29 Sitka Laborer Works at Sitka Brewery; residence No. 62
Vozikoff, Nocoli M 30 Sitka Laborer Works at Sitka Brewery; residence No. 62
Vozbrickoff, Varsilla M 26 Kodiak Sailor Residence No. 62
Walker, James M 25 Panama Cook at St. Barrowe Negro
Walker, Maria F 21 Sitka   Supposed wife of above; residence No. 78
Walker, Alexander M 2 Sitka Child Residence No. 78
Wasnortoff, Michael M 22 Sitka Assistant Priest  
Wasnortoff, Anna F 21 Sitka Wife  
Wasnortoff, Nicole M 3 mo. Sitka Child  
Whitford, Ames T. M 36 Wash. Terr. Merchant Business and residence No. 25; dealer in trash and Indian curiosities
Wilde, Harry A. M 30 New York Ship caulker Residence No. 105
Wilde, Rena F 26 Sitka Wife Residence No. 105
Wood, W. H. M 37 Ireland Sawyer  
Yarloff, Yufuria M 80 Russia   Residence No. 84
Yarloff, Yulina F 16 Sitka Prostitute Lives with Francis
Yarloff, Olga F 13 Sitka Child Residence No. 84
Yarloff, Gregory M 15 Sitka Child Residence No. 84
Yarloff, Ivan M 6 Sitka Child Residence No. 84
Yeddamarine, Matrona F 62 Kodiak Widow Residence No. 33
Yergorin, Maria F 80 Unalaska Snuff maker Residence No. 62
Young, Edward M 23 Boston Servant  
Yremara, Maria F 39 California Prostitute Residence No. 62; supported by Kushoff
Yremara, Marsha F 16 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62
Zeranoff, Alexander M 37 Unalaska Painter & upholsterer Residence No. 62
Zeranoff, Kolumpi M 39 California Cook Residence No. 62; no work
Zeranoff, Fedocia F 24 California Laundress Residence No. 62
Zeranoff, Maria F 4 mo. Sitka Child Residence No. 62
Zevanoff, Anna F 18 Sitka Prostitute Residence No. 62; a destitute prostitute; Burmese poor
Zevanoff, Anna F 44 St. Paul Island   Invalid





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