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William A. Vinal

WILLIAM A. VINAL is the Nome representative of the Alaska-Boston Construction and Mining Company, a Massachusetts corporation operating in Seward Peninsula. Last season, 1904, Mr. Vinal acquired valuable and extensive interests for this company in the Solomon River region. These interests comprise a group of claims on Solomon River at the mouth of Penny, and the Matlock & Beagle property, which includes a valuable water right and two miles of ditch already constructed.

Mr. Vinal was born in Orono, Maine, March 14. 1860, and was educated in the University of Maine, and followed the profession of surveyor and engineer for nine years. During a period of eleven years of his life he was engaged in the lumber business in his native state. He came to Nome in 1900 and engaged in mining on Hungry Creek. He was successful in this venture, and subsequently mined on Kasson Creek in the Solomon country. He has also operated on Anvil Creek. During the season of 1904 he co-operated with Mr. Olebaum in opening land developing No. 9 Solomon, which proved to be a very valuable property. Mr. Vinal has spent two winters in Nome and all the summers since 1900.

The property acquired last season for his company comprises thirty-four claims situated south of the mouth of Penny River and extending a distance up Shovel Creek. This property includes the Halla Bar.

Mr. Vinal is a member of an old and prominent family of Massachusetts who trace their lineage back to English and Scotch ancestors. He is married. Mrs. Vinal was formerly Miss Hattie Sutherland, a relative of Miss Sutherland, one of the efficient teachers in the Nome public school. Mr. Vinal is an enterprising and industrious man. Without any blare of trumpets he has made money out of the mines of the Nome country ever since his first season's operations, and the property which he has recently acquired for his company is unquestionably valuable, and under hydraulic operation will undoubtedly yield a large quantity of gold.  

Source: Nome and Seward Peninsula by R. S. Harrison. Seattle: The Metropolitan Press, 1905.




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