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Henry Smith

HENRY SMITH was born on ranch in Lavoca County, Texas, December 28, 1856. His early life was spent on the ranches of the "Lone Star State." When fifteen years old he rode the range and did the work of a man. He subsequently learned the trade of a blacksmith and carriage maker. In 1 888 he went to Tacoma, Wash., and engaged in the real estate business; and also conducted a blacksmith shop in the same city. His home has been in Tacoma ever since he went to the Northwest.

In 1898 Mr. Smith went to Skagway. Fie subsequently established a blacksmith shop at Canyon City on the trail to Dawson, and in the fall of that year went into Dawson with a stock of goods, which he sold and then engaged in mining. His first mining ventures were in 1886 in the Slocan country, British Columbia. In the Klondike country he mined on El Dorado, Dominion and Canyon Creeks, meeting with varying success.

When he left home in 1898 he planned to be gone two months, but did not return until after the lapse of five years. In 1901 he and Jeff McDermott came down the Yukon together to Nome. During this season he began mining operations on Dry Creek, opening Claim No. 5. He had an option on this property, but failure to. secure a title compelled him to abandon it after he had done a lot of expensive preliminary work. In 1902 he mined on Oregon Creek. During the winter of 1901-'02 he prospected on El Dorado Creek near Bluff. In 1904 he conducted extensive operations on Dry Creek on Nos. 6, 7 and 8 below. At one time fifty-seven men were employed by him on these claims. The result of this work was very satisfactory.

Mr. Smith is interested in the McDermott Ditch, a valuable water right and ditch property in the Solomon River region.

Henry Smith is a square man. Scrupulous honesty has been his rule of conduct all his life.

Source: Nome and Seward Peninsula by R. S. Harrison. Seattle: The Metropolitan Press, 1905.




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