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Dr. W. Sloan

DR. W. SLOAN was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1869, where he spent his early life on a farm. After securing a public school education he passed a teacher's examination and taught school for three years. He was graduated from the Detroit Medical College in 1896. The next year he spent at the Chicago City Hospital, preparing for practice. He left Chicago for the Yukon country during the winter of 1897-'98, by way of Edmonton Trail, and after spending a year and a half on the trail, succeeded in reaching Dawson in 1899. Remaining at Dawson only a short time, he pushed on down the river to St. Michael, en route to Nome, landing there late in the fall of '99.

He practiced medicine at Teller and Gold Run during the winters of 1900-'0l-'02, and became interested in property in Gold Run region, where he has operated since 1900. In the winter of 1903-'04 he was in Solomon, practicing medicine, but gave up practicing his profession in order that he might give mining his undivided attention. He has traveled over the northern part of Seward Peninsula and owns considerable property in the York and Shismareff country. While this property is practically unprospected, every indication points toward favorable results. Some of his property in this section is located near Ear Mountain, and is quartz, showing valuable assays from the croppings, in gold, lead, copper and silver. He believes this to be the best quartz section ever found in Alaska, and intends to develop some of the most promising of his property the coming summer.  

Source: Nome and Seward Peninsula by E. S. Harrison. Seattle: The Metropolitan Press, 1905.




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