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John Rustgard

JOHN RUSTGARD is a lawyer and miner of Seward Peninsula who has the distinction of having served one term as mayor of the City of Nome. He is a Norwegian by birth and an American by choice. In his youth he worked in saw mills, lumber yards and as a carpenter, and with his own earnings paid his way through high school and college. He was graduated from the law school of the University of Minnesota in 1890. For two years prior to his graduation and admission to the bar he was a teacher in one of the high schools of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In 1899 he went west, and came to Nome in the early summer of 1900. Since his residence in Nome he has been stampeding, prospecting, mining and practicing law and speculating in mines and merchandise. At the Nome municipal election in April, 1902, he was elected to the common council by the largest vote cast for any of the candidates, and was elected by that body as president and ex-officio mayor.

Mr. Rustgard is a man of unquestioned ability. He has the faculty of forceful expression both as a writer and as a speaker. He believes that "honesty is the best policy," and that one who consistently abides by principle can well afford to calmly await the result. Being an aggressive man he has made some enemies but ho has a host of friends, and he says that he "has reason to be proud of all them."  

Source: Nome and Seward Peninsula by R. S. Harrison. Seattle: The Metropolitan Press, 1905.




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