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P. Thomas Nixon

P. THOMAS NIXON is one of the young men of Nome who has made a success of mining. With his associates, Paul Denhart and Chris Niebuhr, he was fortunate to strike an old channel on the Prague bench off No. 4 above Discovery, Dry Creek. This old channel contained very high values in gold, and has been one of the producing properties of the Nome region since the strike was first made in the fall of 1902. It is worked in the winter seasons, the dumps being washed up in the early spring. In the spring of 1904, the dump on this claim was the largest in quantity of gravel of any winter dump in this country, and it was also one of the most valuable.

Mr. Nixon is a farmer's son, and was born near Maxville, Perry County, Ohio, November 10, 1876. His people are of Scotch ancestry, and have resided in America since Colonial days. He lived on the farm until he was eighteen years old when he resolved to seek his fortune in the West. He stopped in Dakota for awhile, afterward went to Vancouver, and the spring of 1899 found him at Skagway, Alaska. Later in the season he went to Dawson. He prospected in the Porcupine country, and in the spring of 1900 came down the Yukon in a row boat, following the ice. He stopped in St. Michael a couple of months, and did not arrive in Nome until October of that year.

In the winter of 1901 he and another man pulled a sled, loaded with 500 pounds of supplies, from Nome to the Kougarok District, most of the winter season being spent in prospecting in this region. But he didn't strike anything rich until the fall of 1902, when he and his partners found a fortune in an ancient channel on the left limit of Dry Creek.

Mr. Nixon is the owner of some producing properties on Banner Creek, a tributary of the Nome River. He is a public-spirited citizen, genial, generous and upright. 

Source: Nome and Seward Peninsula by R. S. Harrison. Seattle: The Metropolitan Press, 1905.




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