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Arthur Nicholas

Arthur Nicholas was born in Salford, Lancashire England.

His sister Emma Evans (Nicholas) is my grandmother.

As it says in the article that Arthur's mother Hannah Nicholas, Sister Emma (James) Evans and his nephew Cyril Evans (my father) came to Canada in late 1919.

At the time of Arthur's death in 1971 he would have been predeceased by his mother Hanah Nicholas, and survived by his sister Emma Evans.

Besides the daughter mentioned in the obituary, Arthur also had a son named John Nicholas (wife Marie) who lived in Regina in 1973.

I know his son John died in the mid 1970's and I know nothing more of his family except he had lots of kids and I have no clue of who they were as I was a teen at the time and paid no attention to that.

Submitted by Jim Evans  (17 March 2015)


Arthur Nicholas and James Evans
by Emma Evans

My brother Arthur Nicholas was born in England and came to Canada at the age of eighteen. He landed in Fillmore, Saskatchewan and got a job with a farmer there named Sam Dunn.

From there he came to Revenscrag with Robert David in 1913. They both homesteaded in the Coulee Hill District.

Arthur homesteaded and proved up on the N.W. 1/4 13-7-23. Later he acquired the N.E. 1/4 13-7-23 as a pre-emption and so owned the half section. (Robert David homesteaded and proved up on the S.W. 1/4 24-7-23.)

Arthur and Bob Built a couple of shacks and proceeded to break land and improve their homesteads as the law required. Later Arthur's shack burnt down, so he walked across and batched with his friend Bob.

They used to go over to the Wises' and Ray Adkin's in the winter and help mine coal. In the summer they went to Creelman and worked to make extra money.

When World War I broke out in 1914, Arthur joined the army. He was in the 77th Battery and went overseas and saw action. He returned home after that ordeal and took up his life again on the homestead. He served on the Coulee Hill School Board, filling the posts of trustee, chairman and even acting as secretary.

In 1919 he sent for his family, his mother Hannah Nicholas, his sister Emma and her husband James Evans and their four year old son Cyril Arthur Evans.

We left Salford, Manchester, England in September and after seven days of a very rough crossing, we landed in Canada.

When we arrived in Ravenscrag by train, Arthur was away threshing so we all went to Mrs. Edwin Rodger's to wait. (I remember her making us a hot pot of green tea!) That evening Arthur and Bob came for uus.

My mother stayed at Alex David's for a few days, before we went to our new home. The house was only partly finished but we made do in this new land. (This house still stands today.) Life was different here and we had our ups and downs like the rest. Cyril went to school at Coulee Hill. We boarded three teachers. Arthur married one of the teachers, Sheila Bolster. They had three children: a baby (deceased), John and Diane.

My husband James acquired his homestead in 1928. It was the S.E. 1/4 23-7-23. In 1935 after putting in his crop my husband had an appendicitis attack and passed away.

In 1928 the Evans family and Mother Hannah moved to Eastend, where Hannah passed away.

My brother Arthur joined up when the Second World War broke out. On his return he moved on to live in White Horse as a forest ranger and caretaker of the Power house. He passed away up there.

My son Cyril, joined the Air Force during the World War II years and went overseas. When he returned he worked in Eastend and Canadian Motors in Regina, also took a course in post office work. In the meantime he married Alice Cameron. They had one son, James Richard, who is 22 years old and is taking Optometry in Waterloo, Ontario. Cyril passed away in 1952. His wife Alice lives in Regina.

Source: "Between and Beyond the Benches: Ravenscrag." Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada: Ravenscrag History Book Committee, 1982.

Submitted by Jim Evans  (17 March 2015)




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