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Constantine Meletus

C. MELETUS is one of the pioneer miners of Good Hope District. He was one of the first prospectors on Dick Creek, a tributary of Bryan Creek flowing into the Serpentine River. He staked property on this creek in 1901. and has worked on the creek every season since then. He has believed from the first that Dick Creek contained a vast deposit of the precious mineral, but lack of water has prevented him from operating on a scale that would yield large revenues. By using the water available which would permit of sluicing for only an hour or two each day during a part of the season, Mr. Meletus has been able to obtain a grub-stake every season from these diggings.

Mr. Meletus was born in Vassar, near Sparta, Greece, in 1869, When he was ten years old he left home and went to Russia and Turkey. He spent five years in Russia and obtained a fair knowledge of the Russian and Rumanian languages. He has attended both English and Greek schools, and at one time could speak Italian fairly well. In 1887 he immigrated to the United States and located in Chicago. He has followed the restaurant business in Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle, and was successful in a restaurant venture at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.

His first mining experience was in Cripple Creek. He came to Nome in the spring of 1900, and in the following season acquired the Dick Creek property, and has staid by it firm in the faith that its development would make a fortune for him. Mr. Meletus is a man of native intelligence, wide experience and cosmopolitan learning. May 3, 1905, he married Miss Lyde C. Rutherford, of Revere, Mo. She accompanied him this season to Dick Creek, where Mr. Meletus is engaged in constructing a ditch for the economical working of his mining property.  


Source: Nome and Seward Peninsula by R. S. Harrison. Seattle: The Metropolitan Press, 1905.



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