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William H. Lang

W. H. LANG is at the head of one of the large • ditch enterprises of Seward Peninsula. He is the general manager of the Flambeau Ditch and Mining Company, which is constructing a thirty-mile ditch from the Flambeau River to Hastings Creek. This ditch will cover a large area of valuable mining ground.

Mr. Lang is a native of Rock County, Wisconsin, and was born September 25, 1856. He was educated in the public schools of Eau Claire. When he was a young man he and his brother formed the Line Construction Company. The business of this company was constructing and building, and its field of work was in Northern Wisconsin. Several electric light plants were constructed by the company. Another feature of the company's work was the building of lumbermen's log driving dams. Mr. Lang followed this character of work until 1897 when he started for the Klondike by way of White Pass. He spent two years on the Yukon in the business of mining. He returned home in 1899, and in the following spring went to Nome on the Robert Dollar. During his first two years in the Nome country he mined on Hungry, Oregon and Bourbon Creeks. In 1903 he organized the Flambeau Ditch and Mining Company and has been associated with the enterprise as general manager ever since.

Mr. Lang was married in 1878 in Minneapolis, Minn. Mrs. Lang was formerly Miss Celia Kelly. They have two children, Will and Cora, both of whom have reached maturity, the latter being the wife of W. J. Heiser. The family resides in Portland, Oregon. Mr. Lang is a careful and prudent business man and an upright, honorable citizen. The economical management of his company's affairs in the Nome country is attested by the low cost of the ditch work he has done. As one of the ditch promoters and builders in this country he is doing much for the development of the resources of Seward Peninsula, and when his company consummates the work in which it is engaged, the result of Mr. Lang's labors should be more than satisfactory to himself and his associates.

Source: Nome and Seward Peninsula by R. S. Harrison. Seattle: The Metropolitan Press, 1905.




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