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Professor Will Henry

The development of the Solomon River mines and the rapidly increasing population last year in consequence thereof, made the appointment of a U. S. Commissioner for this district advisable. The Judge of the District Court selected Will Henry for this position, the appointment dating from June 15. 1904. Prof. Henry is an educator with thirty years' experience in educational work. He filled the position of principal of Nome District Schools during the term of 1 902-'03. He is a specialist in philology and mathematics, two branches of learning to which he has given much time and thought.

During a residence of many years in Colorado he spent his vacations in the mines, studying practical mineralogy, and acquired an expert's knowledge of ores. It was this fact that led to his employment by a capitalist to visit Nome in 1900, with the special object of acquiring extensive holdings if his judgment was favorable to the investment. The subsequent illness and death of the capitalist thwarted these plans at a time when Prof. Henry's future seemed the brightest. But he had acquired a knowledge of the country which impelled him to stay, although he realized the difficulty of accomplishing satisfactory results without adequate capital. When he left Colorado he sacrificed a profitable business as mining expert, but since he has come to Alaska he has obtained a knowledge of the stupendous wealth and great possibilities of this country, and announces his intention of remaining here and fighting to a finish on the condition he has had to accept.

Prof. Henry is a native of Ohio, and was born April 25, 1855. His family moved to Colorado during the Civil War. He was educated at Oberlin College, and began the work of a teacher early in life. In May, 1897, he and Miss Anna S. Skerrett were married at Cripple Creek. Mrs. Henry is a niece of Admiral Skerrett, of the United States Navy. Prof. Henry's learning and wide experience enable him to creditably fill the judicial position to which he has been appointed, and discharge the duties of the office to the satisfaction of the public and the District Court.

Source: Nome and Seward Peninsula by R. S. Harrison. Seattle: The Metropolitan Press, 1905.




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