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Gordon Hall

GORDON HALL, who is now counsel for and a director of the Wild Goose Mining and Trading Company, has been identified with the mining interests and litigation of Alaska since the fall of 1898.

Mr. Hall was born at Piqua, Ohio, December 18, 1870, but he has inherited from his parents, who were of Colonial New England stock, the brain, energy and staying qualities of the Yankee, and his western training has added to these qualities an adaptability to circumstances that has enabled him to cope successfully with the varying conditions and problems of a new country like Alaska.

Mr. Hall's early education was obtained in the public schools at Ann Arbor and Marquette, Michigan. He went to college at Trinity, Hartford, Conn., and was graduated from there in the year 1892, with the degree of Bachelor of Science. From Trinity he went to Harvard, and after a three years course at the Harvard University Law School, was graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Laws. Shortly after receiving his sheepskin he became junior member of the Hall, of San Bernardino, California.

In the spring of 1897 he went to San Francisco and opened a law office in the Mills Building, and rapidly built up a lucrative law practice. In the summer of 1899 he was employed by the interests that were afterward known as the Golovin Bay and Norton Sound Mining Companies to go to Alaska to perfect and clear up the titles to properties owned by them in the Nome and Council City regions. This introduction to Alaska gave Mr. Hall an opportunity to acquire a practical knowledge of Alaska's many interests. When Charles D. Lane, acting for the Wild Goose Mining and Trading Company, began operations on an extensive scale in Alaska he felt the need of an attorney of Mr. Hall's qualifications, and he caused Mr. Hall to associate himself with the Wild Goose Mining and Trading Company.

Mr. Hall's ability as a lawyer and his integrity as a man have pushed him to the front in legal and financial matters, and he is now the holder of valuable properties in Alaska, in addition to enjoying an extensive law practice at San Francisco.

On February 23, 1904, at San Francisco, California, he married Miss Alice Conway Bolton, daughter of Colonel Edwin B. Bolton, Tenth Infantry, U. S. A.

Mr. Hall is a member of several fraternal and social organizations, including the Bohemian and University Clubs of San Francisco.  

Source: Nome and Seward Peninsula by R. S. Harrison. Seattle: The Metropolitan Press, 1905.




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