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Albert G. Browne

A. G. BROWNE is a prominent young business man of Nome. He is a native of Canada and was born in Serbrook, October 1, 1876. His parents went to the United States in 1877 and resided on Staten Island, New York, until 1889. In 1 889 the family moved to Tacoma, Washington. In I 892 the young man obtained a position with the Northern Pacific Steamship Company, and for five years was the steerage passenger agent of this company in Tacoma. Subsequent to this he was aboard the City of Seattle as freight clerk. He contracted the Alaska fever in 1897 and started for Skagway. From Skagway he went over the trail to White Horse, and became interested in the White Horse Tram-road. He followed the business of a pilot for near two years, making 108 trips of 180 miles each trip. August 1, 1889, he left Bennett as pilot of Ore & Turkey's outfit which consisted of nine scows and three steamers. He had previously made three trips to Dawson.

Hearing of the Nome strike he concluded to go to the new camp. He arrived in Nome September 17, 1899. He immediately went to work on the beach, and with two partners cleaned up $5,400 in two weeks. He subsequently mined on the creeks. In the summer of 1903 he fitted up a shop for the manufacture of hydraulic pipe fittings, and is now the owner of the biggest establishment of this kind in Alaska.

Mr. Browne is a member of an old English family. His inheritance has good blood and character, and with these ancestral belongings and the opportunities the Northland offers to such young men, he should be able to acquire the fortune that helps to brighten a good name.  


Source: Nome and Seward Peninsula by R. S. Harrison. Seattle: The Metropolitan Press, 1905.



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