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Jacob Berger

JACOB BERGER is one of the owners of mining property having a great value on Daniel's Creek at Bluff. This property was mined during the summer of 1904 by hydraulic methods, and the yield was fully up to the expectation of everybody interested. In the ownership of this property Mr. Berger is associated with J. T. Sullivan.

Mr. Berger is a native of Germany and thirty-four years of age. He left the old country when he was a small boy and has been battling with the world since an early age. When twelve years old he sold newspapers in St. Paul and Philadelphia. Since the age of eighteen he has been engaged in mining, his first mining venture being in British Columbia. He went to Dawson via Juneau in 1897, and came down the Yukon to Nome in 1899. He began mining in the Nome country on the beach. During this summer he and J. T. Sullivan located No's 2 and 3 Daniel's Creek in the Topkuk country. The great value of the property was not determined until 1902, but since then it has been successfully mined every season, and there still remains a fortune in the ground.

Mr. Berger is a generous, whole-souled man who has many friends in the Northland.  

Source: Nome and Seward Peninsula by R. S. Harrison. Seattle: The Metropolitan Press, 1905.




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